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Review – Cold Dead War #2

Review – Cold Dead War #2

Review – Cold Dead War #2

Warning: Mature Readers only! (Extreme Language and Violence)

Writer: George C. Romero

Artwork: German Ponce

Published by: Heavy Metal Magazine

Available: You’ll be Lucky!


The first covert mission begins for The Pacific Pearl, a group of zombie pilots trained to defend American democracy, especially if they have to kill for it.  This is the secret history of American combat and the story of the undead soldiers who fought to keep their nation safe. Written by George C. Romero, son of legendary film director George A. Romero and heir to the Romero Dead media franchise! In this issue, they get to kick, kill and eat nazi bottom.

Review – Cold Dead War #2


Romero shrugs off the issues of 2020 where the late estate of Dan O’Bannon sued Heavy Metal magazine over copyright infringement. With those messy matters settled how about, we start the issue with a few fight to the death MMA matches with an American Marine? Cool, OK right now let’s flash forward to the Pacific Pearl team agreeing to a covert mission to kill Mengele in the Argentinian rainforest? Finally, let’s have the zombie crew go batshit crazy tearing nazis to pieces and eating them? ……..and scene.

If you read those three sentences and wondered if I lost my mind with this, nope it’s a balls to the walls, Inglorious Basterds meets Walking Dead piss-take with its tongue poking firmly through its cheek.

Review – Cold Dead War #2


The insanity of Ponse’s artwork in Cold Dead War is grotesque and hilarious at the same time. Taking a simple premise zombie versus nazis which means that it’s hard not to enjoy reading in some manner. Enjoy scenes seeing a Nazi get his arms ripped off and shoved into his mouth by a zombie or a boxer getting his eye punched out and this book is perfect for you.

Ponse seems to enjoy playing with the page payout with bold panel splashes, explosions or gunfire tearing through the other panels changing their structure and layout. It’s best view in the final few pages as the crew take out the guards around the base.

Overall Thoughts

This is a bonkers, mad-arse comic that should be stapled to Zack Snyder’s head before he makes another zombie movie. For the big kid in you that loves Creepshow and Ash v Army of Darkness open a beer and enjoy this. It’s just a shame that it’s so hard to get a UK distributor to sell these issues. In the US these are under $4 with taxes you’re over £25 now. A thrill ride of an issue with four stars for writing and five for artwork, but what do you make of our review of Cold Dead War #2?

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