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Review – Doctor Who: Alternating Current

Review - Doctor Who: Alternating Current

Review – Doctor Who: Alternating Current

Publisher – Titan Comics

Writer – Jody Houser

Artist – Roberta Ingranata

Colourist: Enrica Eren Angioloini

Release Date: May 11 2021


Two Doctors and a race to save earth from a race of aliens. Pitch this to me as an episode of Doctor Who and you have me hooked. If you also add in some new and old faces from the universe, then I am even more happy. That’s exactly what Doctor Who: Alternating Current provided me with. If you are a Whovian like myself, then you might be tempted to take a trip in the Tardis for this story.

Story and writing

Doctor Who: Alternating Current is part of the Titan Comics ongoing Thirteenth Doctor series. Written by Jody Houser, the series follows the Thirteenth Doctor and her ‘fam’ on their space adventures. In this adventure they team up with fan favourite Tenth Doctor and some old faces that may seem familiar.

The story opens in present day London. Well, it looks like present day. Unfortunately, a pesky time paradox caused by the two Doctors meeting each other has caused this version of earth to be a different. In this version, earth has been ruled over by a race called the ‘Sea Devils’, who have enslaved the human race. Rose Tyler is leading the human resistance and has never met the Doctor. Together, the two Doctor’s and her ‘fam’ must work together to put reality back to normal.

As a whole, Alternating Current is a vault of Doctor Who stories and mythology that will please any fan of the series. Building on past stories, as the Skithra from Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror make their return, alongside the the much loved Tyler family. These moments highlight Houser’s love for the series and allows her to bring a breath of fresh air to series with a sense familiarity. This enthusiasm Houser shows comes across as she manages to capture the essence of both Doctor’s. You can see the childlike wonder of Ten and the excitability of Thirteen.

While the story is certainly enough to please this Doctor Who fan, referencing previous materials and characters risks falling into ‘boring fan service’ Luckily this is not the case with Alternating Current, but it does prevent the story from really standing out on it’s own. That being said, it’s still a fun trip in the Tardis with the Doctor(s).

Review - Doctor Who: Alternating Current


Just as Houser breathes life into the story, so does Roberta Ingranata with the art work. Ingranata manages to capture each characters facial expressions and, for the most part, the characters look like how they do in the show. Additionally, Houser’s story gives the art team a lot to work with. Combined with Enrica Eren Angioloini’s colours, their is the vibrancy of the Tardis that compliments the muted colours for earth. It’s a nice mix and it certainly works to match the tone of what element the art team is creating.

Overall thoughts

As a whole, Alternating Current brings twice the Doctor’s and double the fun. Houser and Ingranata work wonderfully together to create a vibrant, space adventure than any Doctor Who fan will enjoy. While it’s focus on nostalgia and series mythology may not be enough to entice new readers, it’s enough to please any Whovian. While it may not be anything ground breaking or new, it’s still a fun space-hopping adventure, and isn’t that the whole point in Doctor Who?

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