Interview with Castle Comics

Interview with Castle Comics

Interview with Castle Comics

We caught up with one of our longest tenured traders and Castle Comics Owner Greg Findlay ahead of this weekend’s Comic and Toy Market in Cumbernauld. 

BGCP – Hi Greg, Thanks for taking the time to speak to me today, can you tell 
the readers about your shop Castle Comics and how long you’ve been up 
and running? 
Greg from CC – We have been Running the shop in Cumbernauld for 5 years come July 

BGCP – What inspired you to open the shop? 
Greg from CC – I felt that it was something that Cumbernauld needed, I think that 
every town should have a Shop like ours.

BGCP – You started trading with our events nearly 10 years as JF Turbo selling just 
Comic Books, what was it like making the jump from a weekend business 
to a 24/7 business ran largely by yourself? 
Greg from CC – While I was JF Turbo, I was also a stay-at-home dad, when my son went 
to primary School I went to college and did a HNC in Business which 
took 2 years, then I opened a really small shop upstairs to test that water, we were 
there for 2 years and outgrew it so moved to our current unit, which we have been 
in for 3 years. Making the jump to full time was scary but worth it 
because it is what I have always wanted to pursue.

The early days of Castle Comics

BGCP – What would you say are the biggest challenges that you face as a 
business owner? 
Greg from CC – For me it’s the levels of complexity there is, registering for taxes, 
having the right insurance, dealing with suppliers, there are so many things that turn up that are not immediately apparent.

BGCP – How have you adapted with Covid and the pressure it’s put on yourself? 
Greg from CC – We launched our online shop just as Covid took hold and I have been lucky to have support from IT pros so that our online presence was successful.

Interview with Castle Comics continues below.

Interview with Castle Comics
Greg and Castle Comics raising money for Charity


BGCP – How would you describe your main customer base? 
Greg from CC – AWESOME! 

BGCP – Do you run events in store? If so, what? 
Greg from CC – We usually run a different event every day, so Monday would be 
Yu-Gi-OH! Tuesday would Be Pokemon, Wednesday is Warhammer, Thursday is D&D, Friday is Magic the Gathering, Saturday is Board Gaming and free on 
Sunday for whatever folk want to play. 
We hope to return to this soon.

BGCP – What would you say sets your shop apart from the other Comic shops in Scotland? 

Greg from CC – We have a great local community that is super welcoming to new folk, 
we are lucky to have all the great support from the local area that we do. 
BGCP – Any plans to move from Cumbernauld
Greg from CC – Always wanted to visit Livingston…. 
BGCP – Do you think that there are any difficulties for anyone who is looking 
to get into comic retail themselves? 
Greg from CC – Diversify. Feel what’s right for your shop and your audience, 
Unfortunately I do not think that there is enough of a market in 
actual comics to support a shop that only sells comics.

BGCP – I know you’re a huge Comic Fan, would you operate as a straight up Comic 
shop if it was profitable instead of gaming, merchandise, statues etc? 
Greg from CC – I do love my funny books, I have got far too deep in to Magic the 
and Warhammer to not be involved in it now, the best part of 
the job is seeing how enthusiastic folk get for their hobby, people 
can talk for hours about their latest decks. 

Interview with Castle Comics
The entrance for Castle Comics

BGCP – For anyone in Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire and further afield, why 
should they take the time to visit your shop? 
Greg from CC – We stock a wide range at great prices and our shop has a lot of 
personality, you will love it.

BGCP – Ever had to deal with any shop pukers? 
Greg from CC – Not yet thankfully, we have had folk going mental on energy drinks. 

BGCP – Anything you would like to plug? 
Greg from CC – Visit the Website, Facebook and be sure to visit us at the Comic & Toy Market at The Centre Cumbernauld this Saturday and Sunday. 

Address: 33, Teviot Walk, Cumbernauld, Glasgow G67 1ND

Opening Hours – Mon – Sun: 11:00 – 17:00

Interview with Castle Comics took place on 29th April 2021.

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