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Review – Doctor Who Missy #2

Doctor Who Missy 2

Review – Doctor Who Missy #2

Publisher: Titan Comics

Author(s): Jody Houser

Artist(s): Roberta Ingranata

Available: 12th May 2021

Read our review of issue 1 here


Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Master with a brand-new series starring fan-favorite Missy!

Missy’s up to her old tricks, but this time she is not alone! How will the Doctor survive this latest maniacal plot in this special story celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Master? Features the third and twelfth Doctor battling their iconic nemesis! Keep your eyes out for other Time Lords! Missy makes her daring escape from Stormcage with the help of a familiar face! The comics debut of the Doctor’s deadliest adversary continues…

Featuring the Twelfth Doctor, River Song and The Original Master (As Played On Tv By Roger Delgado)!


After the dualling finale of issue #1, Houser takes up the reins of the story with a quirky second issue. It’s full of witty verbal ripostes as the Master and Missy swap epees for wit. The fast pace back and forth, while Missy struggles to remember WWTDD (What Would the Doctor Do?) the master starts to question if his old foe is all there. Trapped by guards will the two foes escape Stormcage? if only another fan favourite character was imprisoned there who likes to escape.. enter River Song (but will River be able to work out Missy’s ploy?)

Houser feels at home in this title and gives all the best lines to Missy as expected, the eccentric almost maniacal take that Michelle Gomez gave on-screen has been transposed faithfully and with love.


Roberta Ingranata style is stunning fans of the show will spot small details on both the characters and backgrounds which are faithfully replicated here. The delicate pastel shading and colouring gives a more relaxed and draws you in as a reader.

With an issue with almost 90% dialogue and 10% action you don’t care here, I want more debates between the old and new Master and Missy. I want to see her constantly asking WWTDD in her head (and out loud) bring on issue 3!!

Final Thoughts

This was a delight to read, I greedily read it in ten minutes and then slowly re-read to get the fine nuances that I missed the first time. It’s turning into quite a 50th celebration for the evil Timelord (and Lady) and I can’t wait for the Doctors to finally confront Missy and the Master next issue. Houser and Intranata deserve every one of the five stars for writing and artwork, but what are you still doing here? Stop reading this and get down to a comic shop to buy this!

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Do you agree with my review of Doctor Who Missy #2? Check out the variant covers at the start of the article, stock is limited on these so check again with your local stockist!

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