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Review – DOOM #1

Review - Doom #1

Review – DOOM #1

Writers – Steve Behling & Michael Stewart

Artwork & Colour Design – Tom Grindberg

Publisher – ID Comics

Released – May 1996


We were first introduced to DOOM the video game in 1993 and in 1996, ID Comics decided to adapt the cult classic First Person Shooter into a graphic novel. As with the video game, the main character is a marine who battles demons. And you can expect heavy duty weaponry, carnage and gore aplenty.

But 25 years later, how would this hold up against other video game adapted comic books? Would the visuals last the test of time? Read on to find on what I thought about this little slice of nostalgia.


I was going to touch on the storyline. But there isn’t one. At all. The main character battles monsters and let’s out comedic one-liners which were a backbone to the video game. I’m really at a loss as to what the purpose of this comic book was? Surely the writers could have put together some semblance of a story, rather than just putting 16 pages of carnage together and calling it a book. That being said, if you are looking for a short burst of full-on violence with a dash of nostalgia, this might be right up your street.


Slightly better than the writing. But still not great. It has that recognisable 90’s comic book style which defined that decade of comic book artwork. Whilst I did enjoy the graphic violence, I felt that the detail on the artwork was lacklustre and lacking in detail. The colouring just feels very one-dimensional and the palette is quite limited. Thankfully the standards have improved in the last 25 years.


A comic adaptation of the cult classic 1993 FPS video game. Surely that’s a no-brainer for a successful book? How wrong you would be. Clocking in at a measly 16 pages, DOOM #1 leaves you asking, ‘what was the point of this?’. I loved the video game and thought this would be a bit of nostalgic fun. But it’s simply terrible. Die hard fans of the game may love it. Not for me unfortunately.

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