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Review – Supernaut #1-5: 21st Cosmic Hero Myth

Review - Supernaut #1-5

Review- Supernaut #1-5

Author- Michael David Nelsen

Artist- Michael David Nelsen

Colourist- Michael David Nelsen

Letterer- Michael David Nelsen

Publisher- Virus/ Heavy Metal

Release Date- 2016/ Heavy Metal Published 2020


What happens when you take the Multiverse ending danger of Crisis On Infinite Earths and combine it with the epic scope of the Hindu holy scripture the Bhagavad Gita? You get the 21st century cosmic hero myth that unfolds in ‘Supernaut #1-5’. 

Supernaut’s story is a complex mix of multiverse theory and Philosophical questions about our meaning in the greater Macroverse. With that being said the story of Supernaut is intriguing, epic and overall thought provoking. I’m going to keep it fairly light in terms of spoilers, beacuse honestly you should read this book for yourself. 

Review - Supernaut #1-5


So, the most incredible thing about this book’s story is that it’s a one man band affair. The creator of the series Michael David Nelsen, does every job under the sun to make this comic succeed, and does so in spectacular fashion. The story of ‘Supernaut’ is a weird multiverse traveling adventure, where an out of time Astronaut leaves behind his humanity in order to stop a God from Assassinating the Universe. Need I say More? Well if I really have to sell it to you Fine! 

The titular ‘Supernaut’ of the title is Astronaut Stephen Haddon, who through circumstances outside his control becomes the hero the universe needs. Chasing down ‘Outer Universe Artifacts’ with a gang of lovable, and not so lovable, group of multiversal thieves. Although it is a race against time to save all of existence, the character of Stephen Haddon is explored in detail with each issue revealing more about him. Stephen is a compelling character who is conflicted over his spiritual accession. As the story continues at a breakneck pace Stephen begins to find his place in the universe, allowing his power to grow to Godlike status.

Review - Supernaut #1-5

Side Characters

The colourful cast of side characters who comprise the team of Multiversal thieves who help Alex are diverse and fun. The members comprising the team are; Isbeth Hatling, a universe hopping femme fatal. Atafay An Elven Archer and compulsive liar who nerver misses a shot. Camara a bored Physic vampire and Chrales Vex, a master thief with an ulterior motive and a crack shot. This diverse cast of characters bring a lot of humour and levity to the book, especially in an Ocean Eleven style heist planning sequence that goes wrong almost immediately.


As a one man show Michael David Nelsen’s Artwork perfectly compliments his writing style. The art truly brings to life the scope and scale of the macroverse shown in the story. The art is drawn in this rough sketch style that really enhances the cosmic nature of the story, while keeping it grounded and interesting. The awesomely drawn action sequences and very sharp character style allow the story to have everything a sci-fi book of this scale needs to succeed. The colouring also done by Nelsen really captures the scope of the universe being presented in the story. 

Supernaut #3
God vs Man

Our Review

Overall the story of ‘Supernaut #1-#5’ is filled with complex and scientific jargon that can at times appear to be complicated. However, the story is less about the science behind the multiverse and rather the philosophical and religious questions raised by the idea of a multiverse. This is what makes ‘Supernaut’ different from multiversal crisis comics of the past. The story is less about trying to jam all these different earths with alternate histories into one story, but rather the implications of such a world on concepts such as physics, religion and spirituality. 

By using the Blueprint of the Bhagavad Gita and its larger implied questions about the universe, the story of ‘Supernaut’ exceeds in proving that you can provide religious allegory in a story without being ham fisted. Ultimatley providing a lasting message that stays with the reader. 

‘Supernaut #1-#5’ is a great 5 issue series that works as a palate cleanser in contrast to modern superhero comics. With a compelling story and eye-catching Artwork the ‘Supernaut #1-5’ is 100 percent worth your time to read.

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