Review – Dune House Atreides #11Comic Reviews 

Review – Dune House Atreides #11

Review – Dune House Atreides #11

Review – Dune House Atreides #11

Adapted & Scripted By Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson

Illustrated By: Dev Pramanik and Mariano Taibo

Cover Art By: Evan Cagle and Jeff Dekal

Published By: Boom! Studios

Available: 20th October 2021

Variant Cover: Qistina Khalidah

Review – Dune House Atreides #11

Issue #11

The newly crowned Duke Leto Atreides has been framed for a crime he did not commit and must risk everything to prove his innocence to Imperium’s royal houses. Will it work or will Baron Harkonnen’s evil plan finally come to fruition?

The Bene Gesserit assert their influence once more, having predicted great importance in the Atreides bloodline, one that will influence the coming of their messiah – the Kwisatz Haderach!

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Story: Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson

Leto (no longer a Duke) is imprisoned by the Landsradd awaiting trial by forfeiture following the sneak attack by the Harkonnens last issue. Thankfully, the Bene Gesserit are on hand and allow Leto to call the bluff of the Emporer by calling his bluff on his secret deal to create Spice on Ix using the Tleilaxu. But the evil race wants vengeance and send ghola assassins to kill Leto in his cell, will he even make it to a trial?

Artwork: Dev Pramanik 

As with previous issues, Praminik has the unenviable job of taking the ever complicating plot and breath life in the characters. This issue focuses mainly on the Emporer and his right hand Lord Hasimir, as a rift starts to open between the paranoid Shaddam and his faithful servant. The Tleilaxu are also faithfully brought to life with their ghoulish technology to reanimate flesh.

Overall Thoughts

Leto the leader has arisen and is stepping out of the shadow of his father, although it’s interesting that the whole Landsradd is actually controlled by the Bene Gesserit as they weave the bloodlines. If you’re waiting in the Imax queue this weekend and need some Herbert action to warm you up you can’t go wrong with this title.

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