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Review – Dune House Atreides #6

Dune House Atreides 6

Review – Dune House Atreides #6

Adapted & Scripted By Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson

Illustrated By: Dev Pramanik

Cover Art By: Evan Cagle

Variant Cover Art By: Jenny Frison

Published By: Boom! Studios

Available: 28th April 2021

I Must Not Fear!

An unexpected revolt throws the balance of Ix into jeopardy and now Leto must make an important decision as the underground city is on the cusp of falling into evil hands. And while The Bene Gesserit’s oracles predicted they would need a child from the Baron Harkonnen in order to continue tracing a genetic line to their foretold messiah… their plan has not gone as well as hoped. On the doorstep of Castle Caladan comes the boy who will change everything – Duncan Idaho has arrived.

Created by visionary writer Frank Herbert, Dune debuted in 1965, has sold millions of copies, and is arguably the most admired science fiction novel of all time. After winning the Hugo Award and inaugural Nebula Award, Dune inspired a best-selling novel series and led to multiple live-action adaptations, including the upcoming feature film from Legendary Pictures. The influence of Dune extends well beyond the world of entertainment, with an incalculable influence on modern scientific thinking about politics, religion, outer space, environmentalism, and more.

Fear is the Mind-Killer!

In 2019 when the rumours of a new Dune Movie were relatively fresh I decided to expand my mind with the prequels to the stunning Dune novel that followed the senior Houses of the Lansraad decades before Paul puts his hand in “The Box”

I drive a lot, so audiobooks are a great way to eat into journeys but it still took me over eight weeks and thousands of miles to get to the end of the books that follow the Houses Harkonnen, Atreides, and Corrino. The books are an amazing backstory to all the rivalries, characters, planets, and religions that make up this space opera.

Brian Herbert meticulously took his father’s notes and built a stunning tapestry filling every plot hole, question, and hint that every fan has ever asked! This adaptation is amazing, trying to build this universe in your mind as you drive at 60 down the M6 is never easy and Boom! have taken my love of the books to another level! Herbert and Anderson seem to work well together adapting a massive tome to the graphic format is never easy you either go down the rabbit hole with too much detail or skim some minor plot points that are critical at a later date…neither happen here and I’ll be reading all the work this writing duo put out!

Fear is the Little Death!

Dev Pramanik does a formidable job here, taking the art of the previous movies, TV shows, books, adaptations, and creating the wider universe. Symbolism, Iconography, and ritual are split neatly into each House the pages come alive with the riot, the duplicitous Emperor Elrood who is using The Tleilaxu to create a substitute to the Spice Melange.

I will Face My Fear!

Warning! do not pick up this issue if you have not read either the novels or the adaptations from Boom! Studios we are deep in the middle of the story and without knowing the stories you’ll get lost and Sardaukar troops will wipe you out!

This will make a stunning Hard Cover collection when it is complete. I score my review of Dune House Atreides 6 a perfect 100%!

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