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Review – Eat The Rich #3

Review - Eat The Rich #3
Cover Art

Review – Eat The Rich #3

Writer – Sarah Gailey

Illustrator – Pius Bak

Colourist – Roman Titov

Letterer – Cardinal Rae

Publisher – BOOM! Studios

Release Date – 20 October 2021

Main Cover – Kevin Tong

Variant Covers – Becca Carey, Kevin Tong and DANI


Still uncertain about what she saw in Pip’s office, Joey confides in Kitty…but Kitty’s response only confuses her more, leaving Joey with no choice but to play along with the family. Until the Fourth of July, when at a party Joey suspects what she thought she saw then is happening again. Can Joey come to terms with what is really happening in Crestfall Bluffs… and can she still walk away alive?

EAT THE RICH #3 is the chilling third issue from BOOM! Studios. Featuring main cover art by Kevin Tong and variant covers by renowned artists Becca Carey, Kevin Tong and DANI.


Given the cliff-hanger of the last issue, I was intrigued to see how Sarah Gailey would follow that up. Could she keep the momentum going and keep us on the edge of our seats? Simple answer, yes! I really enjoyed how Joey is trying to adapt herself to the family way of life due to her love of Astor. But how far will she have to go to be accepted? And is it true what Kitty told her about new eating habits?


As with the previous issues, the artwork from Pius Bak is slick and perfectly matches the subject material. Factor in as well, Roman Titov’s minimalist colour work and his use of primary colours fantastically accentuate Bak’s artwork. The lettering for Joey’s inner monologue really is superb. And Rae uses it in a way that shows how she is struggling with the realisation that this is normal behaviour in her current social circle.


Another really good issue. And with Kitty’s shocking revelation at the end of the book, how will Joey cope? This is a really fascinating story and Sarah Gailey certainly knows to draw you in. It has the right amount of creepiness that will have you feeling on edge and make you question everything about the next social gathering you attend.

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