Review – Elvira Meets Vincent Price #4

Review – Elvira Meets Vincent Price #4

Review – Elvira Meets Vincent Price #4

Written By: David Avallone

Art By: Juan Samu

Colours By: Walter Pereyra

Letters By: Taylor Esposito, Elizabeth Sharland

Cover Art: Dave Acosta, J. Bone, Juan Samu, Anthony Marques, Cassandra Peterson

Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment

Rated: Teen+

Release Date: 5th January 2022

Inglorious Bastet

Amunet reads The Spell of the Final Day, and Amun-Ra returns, bringing death and destruction with him! And everyone’s invited to watch on their favourite streaming service! Can they be stopped? Can the Mistress of the Dark save the world from a pair of ancient gods… armed only with a DVD of an unreleased horror movie from the seventies? Sure, it sounds crazy when you put it like that, but you won’t know just how crazy ’til you read “Inglorious Bastet,” the thrilling conclusion of Elvira and Vincent Price’s first adventure together… brought to you by writer David Avallone (Bettie Page, Drawing Blood) and artist Juan Samu.

And the mistress of the dark has never looked better under this busty bevvy of covers: Acosta! Samu! Marques/Bone and a photo of the lady herself!

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Written By: David Avallone

Avallone throws the kitchen sink, shower cubicle and bidet into this finale of the current storyline as Elvira, now without Price, faces off against the Egyptian Gods intent on ending the world. You know a story doesn’t take itself seriously when one of the new characters has to read the title page to get caught up on where they are in the story. But who cares? This glorious camp story puts the busty beauty at the heart of another story to start 2022 with a bang!

Cassandra Peterson

Before we finish the comic review, I would like to address the recent furore over Ms Peterson’s decision to tell the world of her personal relationship and sexuality choices. Anybody brave enough to take this step deserves plaudits and respect (as well as support) rather than the disgusting way some so-called fans have treated her over the past few months. If she has given you joy over the past few decades then a real fan would be able to spot that she always has always portrayed Elvira as gender fluid and flirted with men, women, vampires and demons. Just because an onscreen character makes boob jokes doesn’t tell you anything about the person behind them. I wonder if some fans wanted to treat her as a mint in box toy figurine, never played with and hidden on a shelf?

To me, this new dimension adds some mystery and interest to her, while making me smile that she’s been able to find happiness in a relationship. Let’s be clear Elvira is a CHARACTER that Ms Peterson developed and you’d have to be pretty naive to confuse your own thoughts of a character and the actor that plays them. Ms Peterson recently told The Gay Times that she had lost 11,000 horny old men as fans after the news broke. I’m 100% confident that she will get these back from new fans as well as grow a more supportive overall base. In 2022, the news of somebody’s life choices should not garner that reaction but as she told the article “I hate to tell them they already didn’t have a chance of me anyway!”

Art By: Juan Samu

Samu’s artwork (and covers) have again helped with the slapstick story that Avallone developed. It’s doesn’t take itself seriously and guides the readers through the ups and downs of the plot with a bold and colourful design.

Overall Thoughts

Whacky and wonderful, you’ll read this and the other issues with a smile on your face and with all the doom and gloom in the world of 2022, that’s all you can ask a comic to do.

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