Review – Basilisk #6

Review – Basilisk #6

Review – Basilisk #6

Writer: Cullen Bunn

Artist: Jonas Scharf

Colouring: Alex Guimaraes

Publisher: Boom! Studios

Release Date: 5th January 2022

Variant and Virgin Covers: Jakub Rebelka

Review – Basilisk #6


 Following a message from Regan, Hannah rushes to stop the Chimera as they unleash a deadly attack at a shopping centre.

But are Barret and the amassed Faithful playing a more sinister game of chess, which will leave Hannah and Regan cornered… unable to escape?

Writer: Cullen Bunn

Bunn jumps the action after the horrific cliffhanger of the last issue that saw the Chimera about the slaughter families. But before that we get another flashback with Hannah at the conference she attended while her family was killed by the group a few years ago. We see her infidelity, and this drives her guilt to seek revenge on the Chimera almost to her own destruction. She is Ahab and those she is chasing are her white whale. Regan meets and pleads with the group but with the arrival of the faithful it all goes to shit, can Hannah escape and does she even want to?

Artist: Jonas Scharf

The best artwork is as always the painted preview pages and this issue we are treated to a couple of extra pages showing Hannah’s fall as the artwork draws closer to her phone, including a picture of her smiling family as they are killed by the Chimera. It’s sad, poignant and etches itself on the reader as we reread the previous issues with this new knowledge.

Overall Thoughts

I like how Bunn and Scharf use the issue’s cliffhanger to hint at the horror befalling the shopping mall without additional gratuitous violence, our mind fills in the blank probably to a more severe degree. It’s a skilful script and artist that use these issue gaps to draw you deeper into the storyline. Now that the Chimera knows that if they kill each other they inherit the powers of the other will we see that pack whittled down to a one on one between Regan and one of the remaining group?

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