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Review – Geiger #3

Review – Geiger #3

Writer: Geoff Johns

Artist: Gary FrankBrad Anderson

Publisher: Image Comics

Release Date: June 9th, 2021


How do you make a monster? Geiger’s tragic origins revealed, from his time before the war to his fateful meeting with the doomed Dr. Molotov. All secrets will be laid bare when the King of Las Vegas invades Geiger’s compound.


Never mess with a mans fantasy is the main thematic in this story. Issue 3 is used as a back filler for the gap between issue 1 and 2 as well as give us more on the suit and rods that Tariq wears.

The story flashes quickly from past to present as Geiger remembers his wife and children was he undergoes treatment for his bone cancer. Back at his compound he is jumped by the King’s men and cruelly teased by the petulant little shit as well.

When his family’s bunker is blown us things go nuclear (ahem) and it doesn’t end well for the King.

John’s is doing a stellar job rounding out someone who could have been a one-trick pony. Geiger’s broken psyche makes grim reading but the addition of the kids from Vegas will help humanise a lonely immortal. Sometimes the addition of kids creates an annoying sidekick but I think these might redeem Tariq


The art and designs from Gary Frank are great, especially the facial expressions on the characters, making a glowing skeleton jump out of the page as Geiger has a meltdown in this issue. Brad Anderson continues to kill it with the colours and whenever Geiger is around the luminescent greens are turned up to 11!

The tragic scenes following the opening of the bunker are jaw-droppingly amazing, as the skull is abused the emotions etched on Geiger’s face are heartbreakingly clear.

Overall Thoughts

Johns is an old hand at turning out great comics and while other stories are floundering on their third issue this stepped up a gear in pace, action and emotions. Another solid issue.

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