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Review – Geiger #4

Review – Geiger #4

Review – Geiger #4

Writer: Geoff Johns

Artist: Gary FrankBrad Anderson

Publisher: Image Comics

Release Date: July 7th, 2021

Variant Covers: Brad Anderson, Brad Walker & Shawn Martinbrough

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Don’t let them take you alive! The Organ People have come for Geiger and his precious cargo, but the true horror sits chained deep below the Vegas strip—finally, “The Beast” revealed! Plus, rival casino bosses strike a dangerous bargain as Geiger comes face to face with a last-page shocker! A game-changing chapter in the saga of GEIGER!

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Writer: Geoff Johns

John’s switches the gears in this issue with lots of Mad Max-style road chases and reluctant hero dialogue. The issue starts with Tariq and the kids seeking shelter overnight in a hotel (nice touch with the blacked-out O and T”)

The kids, Hailee and Henry, ask if the wolf has a name and…it’s Barney. The kids mock Tariq who tries to defend by saying he was a cute little puppy. It’s a good humanising moment with montage moments in between panels showing his suit being designed by Dr Molotov.

Back on the road, they enter Arizona the domain of the Organ people, a group of inbred locals who use any trespassers for a mix of donors and appetisers.

Back in Vegas, we finally meet the “Beast”, the king’s grotesquely overweight mother who is trapped in the basement. It’s confirmed his father was a senator before the bombs fell and might still have codes to launch the remaining nukes.

Geiger then has to save the day when the Organ People chase them in a convoy of ragtag vehicles. It’s a good old fashioned road chase and it works to move the story arc forward without new plot issues.

Artist, Colourer: Gary Frank, Brad Anderson

Frank and Anderson team up to amazing results here. The radioactive greens and whites of Anderson’s colour brighten up the drab desert and he must have ordered extra this issue as there is hardly a page without them radiating out of the panel. There are a lot of nice little touches (the H__EL hotel sign), the gross beast and the desert filled with tiny critters.

The chase comes to life with each panel bringing fast-paced energy and a sense of urgency to the issue.

Overall Thoughts

It’s a very quick read issue, but sometimes issues that you don’t have to overanalyse are the best mid-series are the best. This issue jumps the plot nicely to set up a clash with various factions and characters over the next few issues. There have been challenges of this being derivative but I think rather it’s taken an old trope in a new direction.

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