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Review – Geiger #6

Review – Geiger #6

Review – Geiger #6

Writer: Geoff Johns

Artist: Gary FrankBrad Anderson

Publisher: Image Comics

Release Date: 1st September 2021

Variant Covers: Jamal Igle, Simone Bianchi

Story Arc Finale

The first volume of Image Comics’ newest hit hero, GEIGER, concludes with this DOUBLE-SIZED ACTION FINALE as our resident radioactive rebel takes on a relic from the past to save his family’s future. But the adventures are only beginning for Geiger, as he discovers a secret about the Unknown War and its mysterious origins. Plus, a special sneak preview of GEOFF JOHNS and GARY FRANK’s next upcoming title in the Geigerverse and much, much more!

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Writer: Geoff Johns

Let the games begin!

Tariq starts the issue bursting in to save Henry from some strawberry ice cream. Henry doesn’t know that he has leukaemia and is worried he will die. To combat GeigerNORAD has activated their secret weapon, Junkyard Joe a nuclear-powered robot able to absorb Tariq’s energy.

Joe smashes one of Geiger’s control rods and buries the other one deep in the concrete, but just as looks like the battle is over a kid from NORAD helps pull it out the ground and Tariq slams it deep into his chest, deactivating him. as they escape Tariq is worried he’ll meltdown and explode but his love for his old and new families allows him to control his powers and takes the kids with him.

The King of New Vegas is pissed after getting his face melted off if issue #3 and has assembled an army of nuclear knights to take on Geiger and get the nuclear football that will give him full authority. sending his strongest knight against Geiger he’s shocked as a powered-up Geiger melts the vehicle in half. I’ve left out quite a few spoilers in the comic as it’s only fair that you go and read this amazing title.

John’s writes at the end of the title about the wider plans to create a team of heroes called the Untamed. These American Patriots such as Geiger and Joe will form the basis of the titles that the Mad Ghost team will be developing over the next few months and years.

As for Geiger, this issue ties up neatly all the plot holes and provides a satisfactory end to the tale, while allowing further tales to be developed without impacting or corrupting this one.

Artist: Gary Frank, Brad Anderson

Colourist Anderson shines through this issue with his radioactive greens and yellows oozing out of all most every page. The action and drawing by Frank is an on-point in this issue as it has been through the whole series. The scenes with double-page spreads at both minimalistic but have the desired effects. Humanising a glowing skull and bones is not easy but this team make it look easy.

Overall Thoughts

Many will criticise Geiger for being a simply told story, but it must have been hard to resist the temptation to keep adding in McGuffin’s and dead-end plot points as many new books do. Johns’s seasoned hands along with the rest of the Mad Ghost team have opened the door of a new Geigerverse.

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