Review – Ghost Rider #2

Review – Ghost Rider #2

Review – Ghost Rider #2

Writer: Benjamin Percy

Artist: Cory Smith

Colorist: Bryan Valenza

Letterer: Travis Lanham

Cover Artist: Kael Ngu

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Release Date: February 23, 2022

Dark Place

The FBI assigns a team to investigate a recent surge in supernatural activity. A darkness is rising, and their hunt for answers puts them on a collision course with a mysterious, vengeful motorcyclist. Who is this so-called Ghost Rider, and what does he want? They follow rumours. They follow wreckage. And they discover the dark secrets of a roadside motel.

Writer: Benjamin Percy

The first issue finished with the spirit of vengeance exploding onto the scene and decimating the town of Hayden Falls. Johnny wakes up this issue after the Rider crashed his bike, confused and with no memory between him and the Rider he slowly walks to the closest town The Cave Inn. As he walks Johnny feels that the scar on his head has affected his relationship with the spirit and wonders what the demons have done to him.

Back on the road the FBI Demon Hunter team, including Agent Warroad fills in some of the blanks on her character for readers and whatever bad things she sees will come to pass, her current visions are full of rivers of blood and a screaming skull on fire, so we know she’s on track to intercept Johnny over the next few issues.

At the Cave Inn, Johnny asks the owner for work to help repair his busted bike but soon realises that there is more to this Inn than meets the eye.

Percy weaves the story at a perfect pace for new readers and uses each page to slowly twist the tension until horror bursts forth.

Artist: Cory Smith

I’m really digging Smith’s work here, it’s exemplified on page 15 when the Spirit melts away Johnny’s face to burst forth with the cry of “I’m sick with…. vengeance!” the details, use of colours and panelling add pace, horror and energy to the scene.

Overall Thoughts

This is a series to watch, taking a beloved character in a new but interesting direction. It has tones of Immortal Hulk, Hotell and The Silver Coin. I’m hoping they keep the action small and intimate as this helps draw in the reader as well as add to the overall story. We don’t need Ghost Rider blowing up New York, dealing with small-town demons and humans is much more enjoyable to read. This will be a title to watch grow as new fans flock to it!

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