Review – Glasscity Volume 2

Review - Glasscity Vol. 2
Cover Art

Review – Glasscity Volume 2

Writer – Dave Cranna

Artwork – Roman Gubskii

Letterer – Ryan Bielak

Publisher – Independent

Release Date – December 2021


Detective Gabriel Gatti is mourning the anniversary of his missing daughter five years on. As he picks up a case that directly mirrors his own, he delves deeper into an already dark city.

Pick up exactly where you left off from volume one. Follow Detective Gabriel Gatti through a cyberpunk Glasgow city nicknamed Glasscity by the locals as he moves one step closer to finding out what happened to his baby girl all those years ago. Everything you thought you knew about the city is about to change.


Let’s not beat about the bush here. Glasscity Vol. 1 was awesome. So when the Kickstarter launched for Glasscity Vol. 2 I eagerly jumped aboard. And early December when the book landed through my letterbox I knew I was in for a treat. Alas, the festive period side-tracked me and meant I didn’t have the time to really sit and dedicate the time to the book. Come early January I finally got some time set aside and delved in. I greedily finished it in one sitting and had to start it again. It really caught me by surprise as writer Dave Cranna takes the story in a different direction, which was not unwelcome. If you’ve already picked up the book, you’ll know what I mean. Cranna continues to utilise Gabe Gatti’s inner monologue to great effect and certainly, comparisons can be drawn to the Garth Ennis run of ‘The Punisher’. Gatti himself could draw comparisons to Frank Castle in his portrayal as the anti-hero with a troubled past. But comparisons aside, Cranna has certainly set his stall out well and as with Vol. 1, this is a fascinating read.

Add into this the fantastic short ‘The Faun’ as part of Cranna’s ‘Tales from the City’ (which he has promised more of!) and this is another fantastic addition to the Glasscity series.


Roman Gubskii continues to deliver on the artistic front and given that he covers pencils, ink and colours, then it is no surprise that writer Dave Cranna rates him highly. I really enjoy Gubskii’s portrayal of Gabe Gatti and he captures the weathered cop look to perfection. Add into that the level of detail in his artwork; facial expressions, action sequences etc. and you are in for a treat! Ryan Bielak’s lettering helps guide you from panel to panel with complete ease, and it is the inner monologue that further emphasises the dark tone of the storyline.


Dave Cranna’s gritty tale of a cyberpunk Glasgow city is full of surprises with this latest instalment. And if you have already read Vol. 1 then you may have been caught off guard by the change of direction with the storyline. It was a jaw-dropping moment for sure! And I for one am certainly looking forward to the final instalment of this fantastic series to see what will happen next and how Cranna will bring this to a conclusion. But let’s not forget that the writer himself has promised more ‘Tales from the City’, which will be a welcome extra before we get out hands on the thrilling finale!

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