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Review – Godzilla Vs Kong

Review - Godzilla Vs Kong
We’re gonna need a bigger ape….!

Review – Godzilla Vs Kong

Spoiler-Free Review!

Well you did it!

You mad bastards actually did it!

You made a Godzilla movie and a Kong movie that is actually bigger than the hype! It will leave most of the fanboys & girls begging for IMAX and cinemas to reopen to see it in its nose bleeding 4K 72ft screen glory!

I will warn die-hard Kaiju fans, of the last movie Godzilla King of the Monsters (GKM), this movie knows just how silly and camp giant monsters and titans fighting each other sounds and we get more than a few jokes along the way.

I will keep spoilers and plot points to a minimum but will share a few lines and scenes that made me smile, chuckle and cheer along as the two titular characters punch it out over a few rounds!

Review - Godzilla Vs Kong
Lockdown has not been kind to the King of Skull Island!


The first 3-5 minutes of this film are well…a bit weird.. with a music track playing we watch Kong go about his daily routine including showering. It all feels a little Shrek like and I almost expected him to fart bubbles in the lake and make an earwax candle. All that’s missing is All-Star by Smash Mouth.

Review - Godzilla Vs Kong
Donkey! Call the Lawyers!!!

This then gets weirder (all pre-credits) with Kong then snedding (look it up) a tree and shooting it at the sky. An arc of lightning shoots down as the King tries to escape the 35th annual Skull Island Hunger Games via the giant TV screen sky! The credits then showcase and add to the end credits scene from GKM with redacted documents and photos plotting out the past few years since the last attacks.

I’ll leave you with those thoughts but as I say this is just 5 minutes into the slightly under 2 hour movie.

Review - Godzilla Vs Kong
Round 1!!


You cannot fault this film’s cinematography from ocean battles on top of an aircraft carrier to battles in the hollow earth and the big finale smashing up most of the Chinese eastern seaboard the action is tight. Unlike GKM they do expand the roles of the token humans and the scenes with Kaylee Hottle further humanise Kong.

Learning from the past few movies the number of confusing random monsters has dropped and the focus for most of the movie is from Kong’s POV.

CGI still looks like CGI, but again the director missed a trick not using Intergalactic by the Beastie Boys during the end battle! The scene cries out for a cheeky nod to the video.

The building collapses look much better, you can hear the windows breaking and they use various tricks to put you in the middle of the battle without getting seasick with too many cut scenes as they did in GKM.

I could be wrong but there were lots of 60s and 90s vibes with at some points the battles looking like men in suits rather than CGI and I rather enjoyed that!


Millie Bobby Brown (Stranger Things, GKM), Alexander Skarsgård (True Blood), Julian Dennison (Deadpool 2) and Brian Tyree Henry (Atlanta) all shine through to balance the scale between monsters and humans.

The Scooby gang of Brown, Dennison and Henry try and solve the mystery of the APEX Corporation while Skarsgård and Hottle follow and guide Kong through the movie.

Watch this Sci-Fi Japan interview of the cast!

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