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Review – Green Lantern #3

Review – Green Lantern #3

Comic Title: Green Lantern

Writer: Geoffrey Thorne 

Artist: Dexter Soy and Marco Santucci

Published by: DC Comics

Available: 2nd June 2021


Stranded in a Dark Sector with no rings and no backup, John Stewart is out of options, his back against the wall. After the Central Power Battery dies, John must live long enough to gather the surviving Green Lanterns and find a way home, while one of the newest Green Lanterns, Far Sector’s Jo Mullein navigates a host of unknown dangers on the Green Lanterns’ homeworld of Oa, as she works to uncover the cause of the battery’s collapse and who was behind it.


Dear God, this issue tries to join the Western Shane with the Matrix and makes a mess of both. Stranded in the dark sector with no power ring John must survive high school, marriage and a mushroom explosion. It’s a mess, a better script would have just focussed on the impact on Oa and sacrificed all the others but now we have the usual let’s throw lots of Lanterns at something style story.

Even when we are back on Oa the issue forces the unbearable Teen Lantern into the story and I think I am doen with this.


When your cover is the best part of your book you are in trouble. The artwork is good but nothing can save this trundling mess of a story. I have nothing more to add on this issue

Overall Thoughts

When you rely on kooky gimmicks (Teen Lantern), great artwork and covers but have a complicated Phantom Menace style half baked story you are on shaky ground. I think that this storyline is officially boring. one star only for the story and 2 for artwork (because of that cover.)

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