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Review – The Orville #2: Digressions (Part 2 of 2)

Review - The Orville #2: Digressions (Part 2 of 2)

Review – The Orville #2: Digressions (Part 2 of 2)

Written by David A. Goodman

Illustrated and coloured by David Cabeza & Michael Atiyeh

Published by Dark Horse Comics

Released in June, 2021


The Orville: Digressions Part Two is the second issue of a comic series based on the sci-fi comedy show, The Orville. Written by David A. Goodman with illustrations and colours by David Cabeza & Michael Atiyeh.

Despite Kelly’s best efforts to change the fate of the universe for the better, fate has swerved her expectations and found a new route to the universe’s impending doom. The Kaylon fleet have started the doomsday clock and it’s up to Kelly and her digressed crew once upon The Orville to stop them.  


Where the series shines is in it’s more grandiose artwork, every atom of space is drawn crisp and clear with Cabeza’s mechanical precision. The more intimate scenes with characters are a little inconsistent in their finer details but the characters are wholly recognisable and don’t detract from the overall artwork.

Review - The Orville #2: Digressions (Part 2 of 2)

Atiyeh hits a home run with his out of the world eye for colour paletting. With a subtle variety of scenery throughout, Atiyeh manages to bring each scene to life without compromising the overall tone of the palette and story. His use of scheming colours in accordance to a scene’s lighting is remarkably illuminating.


Surprisingly and quite ironically, in comparison to The Orville: Digressions Part One, not a lot happens in this comic yet there is a lot happening in it. With so many different events taking place all at once, Goodman has given none of them time to develop before we are rushed off to the next segment.

One could argue that the show is the build-up for this short comic series, however this is an alternate reality where the characters we know and love are different and have alternate histories, so we really don’t know them at all besides their cosmetics. Much of the new elements to each character is presented in long bursts of dialogue that cover the pages without really telling us a lot about the person.

The Orville: Digressions Part Two

On the other hand, one scene in particular gives Bortus an unexpectedly heart-wrenching and short three pages of story. Even through his stoic demeanour and comically direct dialogue, you feel the loss he is going through and his dialogue strikes a very serious and emotional tone.


In conclusion, I was expecting The Orville: Digressions Part Two to be the finale of this tale which in hindsight would have been a disappointment. Thankfully, this interesting story will resume in a new collection. With it being an alternate take on one of the show’s defining storylines, it deserves the time to build and become it’s own thing.

While there is not a lot of action here, it instead has a semblance of Infinity War’s scale of tragedy amongst our beloved crew. Can the former crew of the Orville coincide and stop the Kaylon fleet from wiping the universe clean of all things natural in this alternate reality? One can only hope.

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