Review – Hulk (2022) #4

Review - Hulk (2022) #4
Cover Art

Review – Hulk (2022) #4

Writer – Donny Cates

Penciler – Ryan Ottley

Inker – Cliff Rathburn

Colour Artist – Frank Martin

Letterer – VCs Cory Petit

Cover Artist – Ryan Ottley

Publisher – Marvel Comics

Release Date – 16 February 2022


“SMASHSTRONAUT” part 4 of 6! As the mystery behind the Hulk’s shocking new status quo deepens, Banner has piloted the Starship Hulk to an alternate Earth – one where Thunderbolt Ross is president, and he has an army of gamma-powered monsters under his command. Get ready for a surprise-filled, all-out brawl that only the insane minds of Donny Cates and Ryan Ottley can bring you!


Donny Cates starts this issue with a fascinating history lesson from the alternate universe’s Bruce Banner about what happened to Earth’s greatest heroes. And now the captain of Starship Hulk is left shocked by the carnage of it all. But he can’t ponder this for long as President Thaddeus Ross has his sights on the source of Gamma energy spike. And you can bet he’s not coming alone. But you will be shocked at who Thunderbolt’s secret weapon is! This is Cates at his absolute best and I loved every page of it,


Ryan Ottley continues to deliver astounding artwork. And every time I have picked up an issue of this series, I am completely blown away by his level of detail. Not to mention the fact that he isn’t scared to shy away from the level of graphic violence attached to the Hulk. Something some other artists would not do. Ottley’s artwork compliments Cates’ storyline perfectly and I’m sure their iteration of the Hulk will be talked about for years to come.


Wow, just wow. This issue was so good that after I finished the first read-through, I had to start it all over again. I thought that the last issue was slightly on the short side. But it’s far from that in this one. This is an action packed roller-coaster from start to finish. And Cates & Ottley do not hold back on the ultra-violence whatsoever. Another fantastic instalment to the ‘Starship Hulk’ series and highly recommended to all Hulk/Marvel fans.

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