Review – The Silver Coin #9

Review – The Silver Coin #9

Review – The Silver Coin #9

Writer: Vita Ayala

Artist: Michael Walsh

Publisher: Image Comics

Release Date: 16th February 2022

Variant Artist: Nicole Rifkin

Review – The Silver Coin #9

Issue #9: The Dancer

The South Bronx is on fire and a crooked cop can clear his debts if he helps it burn. But with each dirty deed, THE SILVER COIN gets hotter to handle.

A new episode of the hit horror anthology from VITA AYALA, JOSHUA WILLIAMSON, RAM V, MATTHEW ROSENBERG, and MICHAEL WALSH.

Writer: Vita Ayala

In 1970s New York, some buildings were worth more than the people living within them. Ayala picks up the eponymous coin this issue with a tale of police corruption, vanity and greed. A greedy nameless cop owes big and decides to become a firebug to cover his debts. One the way to set his first he beats up a homeless man (see issue 8) and steals the coin from his pocket. As he sets the first fire, a young girl witnesses him and he has to dispose of her but a fire crew mistake him for a hero cop. Will he be able to stop the coin from burning a hole in his pocket?

Ayala mixes a little fact and fiction here with an excellent epilogue about the actual story of the landlords of the Bronx slums. It’s all a little too close to reality and will make many readers feel uncomfortable that the majority sat back and allowed this to happen to minorities.

I would like to also praise her for my new favourite curse “Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ!

Artist: Michael Walsh

Walsh again draws another unlikeable lead character and the cover hints at his features almost melting as we go through the issue. Boosted by his unjust fame the cop fills in as an everyman taking bribes, working for slum landlords and writing his own death warrant through his actions.

Overall Thoughts

This issue is much more grounded in the horror that men do unto men, with a much smaller helping of supernatural cursing allowing the egotistical cop to be hoisted by his own petard. The facts behind the story are almost as horrific as the actual story and should be a stain on the soul of New York.

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