Review – Hulk vs Thor: Banner Of War Alpha #1

Review - Hulk vs. Thor: Banner Of War Alpha #1
Cover Art

Review – Hulk vs Thor: Banner Of War Alpha #1

Writer – Donny Cates

Artist – Martin Coccolo

Colourist – Matt Wilson

Letterer – Joe Sabino

Cover Art – Gary Frank

Publisher – Marvel

Release Date – 11 May 2022


Hulk and Thor have both undergone massive changes recently, but one thing remains constant — their heated rivalry! When mysterious circumstances bring them into conflict once more, will the God of Thunder be able to triumph against a Bruce Banner who can now control his rage? Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of both characters, this epic five-part crossover between the THOR and HULK series starts here in this oversized Alpha issue, brought to you by creators Donny Cates and Martin Coccolo! Key mysteries from both series will be revealed, as well as shocking consequences for the future of both characters! (Continued in May’s THOR #25 and HULK #7!)


The good thing about this Cross-over event is that even if you haven’t picked up either of the recent Hulk and/or Thor series, there’s a brief recap for each title to bring us all up to speed. And from there the action accelerates at break-neck speed. Even though it’s a Clash of the Titans, Cates does manage to include a light-hearted moment in the middle of the book which certainly gave me a chuckle. It’s been an ongoing question throughout the years about who is the stronger; Hulk or Thor? And although this book doesn’t give us an answer, Cates certainly knows how to keep us entertained and desperate for more.


What can you say about the artwork, other than breath-taking? It’s bold, detailed and doesn’t pull its punches, much like Hulk and Thor! The level of detail throughout the whole book really is something else and you find yourself poring over each individual panel just in case you’ve missed something. And Martin Coccolo’s work is only enhanced by the vivid colour palette from Matt Wilson which at times feels like it’s overwhelming your eyes, in a good way!


Sometimes you pick up a cross-over event book, full of expectations and it can leave you feeling underwhelmed. This is not one of those times. There are panels in this book that will have your jaw on the floor! The writing, the artwork, these things will just leave you in absolute awe. But don’t let me just tell you, get out there and pick this book up straight away! This has all the hallmarks of being a FANTASTIC Marvel cross-over and I’m really excited to see what future issues bring.

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