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Review – Interceptor #2

Review – Interceptor #2

Writer: Donny Cates

Artist: Dylan Burnett

Age Group: Adult, Mature Themes, Nudity and Strong Language

Publisher: Heavy Metal

Release Date: Available Now


Read our review of issue #1 here.

Poli (the titular Interceptor herself) and Weep (badass rebel kid) find themselves at the mercy of Sherriff Arden Reeve and the blood-drunk Baroness of the North, Matilda. Trapped in a vampire prison, surrounded on all sides and dangerously pissed off, Poli and Weep fight for survival as the fates of the two worlds hang in the balance! From Donny Cates and Dylan Burnett with a variant cover from Nick “actual vampire” Pitarra (The Manhattan Projects).


Cates is mixing Mad Max, with The Strain and City of Glass for the irreverent world of Interceptor. Weep and Poli are trapped in vampire jail after the last issue where she killed hundreds of ticks. Poli thinks she’s training Weep but Weep is more than up for the challenge having survived the planet since birth. The prison is close to the “Wall”, short for Wallachia, a land where humans are farmed and fed for a weekly feed via a catheter.

The Madcap conversation and action within the prison make an interesting second story. The guard post’s argument is priceless and wouldn’t be out of place in HitchhikerBut what is the Sherriff up to?


Burnett’s pastels and dark tones work well from the first issue with the much more foreboding prison and Baroness seeped in red. The effects and action are bright, fun and show a vampire world where they are evolved as the humans they hunt. The worlds of vampire and human are quite easily defined and easy to follow not least by the colour of the speech bubbles.

Overall Thought

A solid second issue with some madcap action and dialogue which flips the hero and sidekick on their head. This short mini-series is shaping up well. 4 four stars again.

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