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Review – Justice Society: World War II

Review - Justice Society: World War II

Review – Justice Society: World War II

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Matt Bomer as Barry Allen / The Flash

Stana Katic as Diana / Wonder Woman

Omid Abtahi as Carter Hall / Hawkman

Geoffrey Arend as Advisor

Darren Criss as Superman, Superman / Clark Kent / “Shakespear”

Darin De Paul as Franklin D. Roosevelt (credited), Brainiac (uncredited)

Chris Diamantopoulos as Steve Trevor

Keith Ferguson as Doctor Fate

Ashleigh LaThrop as Iris West

Matthew Mercer as Rex Tyler / Hourman

Liam McIntyre as King Arthur / Aquaman

Elysia Rotaru as Dinah Lance / Black Canary

Armen Taylor as Jay Garrick / Flash

The Justice Sociery

“You know what you have to do, mate. Clear the board. Start again.”

So ended the “old” DC universe… Barry Allen’s Flashpoint Paradox movie restarted a decade of some of the most faithful, beloved, and batshit crazy films. This time last year Constantine, The Laughing Magician, ending the run of movies with the stunning Justice League Dark: Apokolips War. With John telling Barry that he had created the past ten years and had to reset… The Flash ended the world with a bang and reset it with… Justice Society: World War II!

So let’s wipe our memories, pretend no heroes know each other, and start the process all over again. At least they wouldn’t start the franchise with another Flash Time Story, would they? Those mad bastards at WB/DC have done it again!

Barry Allen, on a trip to Metropolis, struggles to balance his life and his alter ego, but a nearby battle between Superman and Brainiac forces him to confront his life. He’s accidentally kicked back in time and falls into the world at the height of WWII. The Justice Society of America, a group of heroes aiding the allies in World War 2, makes an ally from the future who sends them on a history-changing adventure.

The Flash gets to “know” Steve Trevor via a prostate exam!

Vocal Talents

Bomer holds this whole movie together, he’s relatable, energetic, and a bit goofy, exactly what you want Flash to be. Flash has always been the heart of the team, while Superman is the muscles, Batman the brain no story works without heart. Bomer has been kicking bottom as the Doom Patrol’s Larry Trainor / Negative Man. By shifting the story away from the holy trinity of Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman it works!

Katic is OK…her attempt to replicate Gadot’s Israeli accent kind of works, but doesn’t distract too much. Chriss’ Superman works well and the supporting talents of Rotaru, Taylor, and Abtahi bring the Justice Society to life. Rotaru is a standout! Her Canary is angry, frustrated, and annoyed by everything.

Girl Power!


OK, let’s start with what doesn’t work… Dear God! The animators have butchered The Flash’s costume and at times I was screaming at the nose and chin errors. They’ve traded the real-world style of previous films for a kind of 1940’s Bombshells look and WW’s hair and a few other things are quite jarring.

But do you care about this when we have Nazis, Dr Fate, Justice Society and the mirror of the Flashpoint’s war between Atlantis and the surface world? I smiled as the film ended and I know that over the next few weeks I’ll be watching the whole back catalogue of DC Animated films!

What the heck’s up with that nose and chin animation?

Run Barry, Run!!

This boy’s own story of Nazis, artifacts, and secret heroes works well and Flash is our link to bring us up to date. Many of the heroes shown here have turned up in the highly-rated Stargirl that will shortly get a S02 on CW! For all that people sat about the darkness within DC movies, these movies are a delight, get them on your list now and you can then me later!!

This is what we need to cheer us up out of lockdown!!

That Table

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