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A Sequel To Fallout: New Vegas?

A Sequel To Fallout: New Vegas?

A Sequel To Fallout: New Vegas?

Towards the tail end of last year, Microsoft made the announcement that it was to acquire Bethesda‘s parent company; ZeniMax Media for the sum of $7.5 billion. The industry-shaking deal lead to behemoth IPs fall under the Microsoft umbrella; including The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Wolfenstein, DOOM, and Quake.

There are a multitude of implications that come with this deal, most of which still haven’t even been fully realised or felt by the consumer. Details are still being worked between the two companies out to this day. However, one aspect of the deal that fans quickly picked up on, was that a sequel to Fallout: New Vegas is now once again a very real possibility. As a part of the colossal deal, Obsidian Entertainment were one of the studios acquired by Microsoft. Obsidian were the studio behind the original New Vegas game that released back in 2010. With both Obsidian and the Fallout IP back together again under the new MS deal, it seemed like we were finally getting Fallout: New Vegas 2 after years of waiting.

It is important to point out that Obsidian does currently has its hands pretty full with their other projects; including Grounded and Avowed. Despite this though, it does sound like the long-awaited sequel to Fallout: New Vegas could be in the works.

The leak comes from established industry insider, Tyler McVicker. McVicker is notable for formerly being a team member of the Valve News Network. He has also established a reputation for being an accurate source regarding all things Valve for a number of years now. It was Tyler that originally leaked that a prequel to Half-Life was in development years before Half-Life: Alyx was officially announced by Valve.

McVicker posted a video where he announced his new channel along with his plans for the future after he steps away from working with the Valve News Network. In the video, he goes onto tease some of the projects that he already knows about, which he will discuss in greater detail in future uploads. At the 3:56 mark in the video, he touches on the heavily rumoured Nintendo Switch Pro, Nintendo’s plans for The Legend Of Zelda’s 35th anniversary, a few other Bethesda and Microsoft games and most importantly; the sequel to Fallout: New Vegas.

In the video, McVicker avoids going into any sort of detail regarding the information that he actually has on the Fallout: New Vegas sequel. Unfortunately this means that as of right now, there is no way of knowing how far along the game is into its development cycle, or if Obsidian is even going to be the studio working on the sequel for definite. That said, McVicker did put out a tweet back in January this year that claimed that fans could expect the New Vegas sequel, “in the latter half of this decade.”

Bearing in mind that the Microsoft/ZeniMax deal still hasn’t officially gone through yet, the information that McVicker has could be from nothing more than early discussions. That said, the prospect of a sequel to one of the best Fallout games is an titillating one to many fans, myself included. Hopefully we will hear more sooner rather than later, so stay tuned for more updates.

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