Review – Monolith (2021) #2Comic Reviews 

Review – Monolith #2

Review – Monolith (2021) #2

Review – Monolith (2021) #2


Illustrated by LRNZ

Published by Magnetic Press

Volume 1 Issue 2 Available: 21st July 2021

Full 192 page Hardback Available on 3rd August 2021 (at Waterstones)

BGCP review Issue 1 here.


After the last issue, Sandra and David are stopped in the middle of the night by a collision with a deer. Checking on the damage, she accidentally locks herself out of the car, with David trapped inside. Now, isolated from civilization, she must save her son from a car designed to be an indestructible vault on wheels.


Sandra has been knocked out by the deer collision and as she lies unconscious, IRMA (the Monolith AI) decides to keep David entertained using his playlist. The first track “The Wheels on the Bus” bleeds into Sandra’s mind and she dreams of walking through a forest naked, with the song blaring through her thoughts. Ahead, a stag headed man, holds David telling her she is not fit to be a mother and can’t get him back.

This seems to shock her awake and IRMA breaks the news that they hit a deer. It’s trapped under the front bumper and Sandra tries to dislodge it to no avail. Chacking that baby David is OK, she waves her phone outside to show him the light and searches for a branch or piece of metal to dislodge. Unfortunately, Sandra trips and smashes her phone, the key to getting into and controlling IRMA. Locked outside she resorts to hitting the impregnable car and setting off the alarm, but it may also be attracting nearby wildlife.

Illustrated by LRNZ

LRNZ’z painted artwork is nothing less than stunning, the nightmare sequence with a naked Sandra walking through a stark forest painted in blacks, whites and highlighted in gold shows a tormented soul lost in her own mind. Her dominating husband Carl, stands over her as a stag headed monster with gold eye blazing.

Every page and panel adds intricately painted details with the full moon rising over the black desert. The red and white lights of the Monolith cut through the night and where possible he uses colours to add highlights such as the glowing eyes of the coyotes or the phone’s bright screen.

Overall Thoughts

I cannot wait for the full 192-page book to come out in August, every page uses minimal narration allowing the reader to experience the stunning artwork or LRNZ with limited speech or narration. The small cast intensifies the clumsy actions of Sandra and with the sun rising in the next issue she will become desperate to help David and survive the desert.

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T'was a cold dark night in East Kilbride... and below the roundabouts, something old and ancient began to shudder awake. The world would rue the day that it gave the Green Jaguar comics to read!

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