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Review – Monolith #4

Review – Monolith #4


Illustrated by LRNZ

Published by Magnetic Press

Volume 1 Issue 3 Available: 11th August 2021

Full 192-page Hardback Available on 24th August 2021 From Amazon

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Time is up for Sandra, David is not moving in the Monolith and she doesn’t have much strength left. Will the wrench from the last issue help and will there be a happy ending to this taut thriller?


The award for the worst mother in America goes to Sandra. From having sex while her baby was locked in the car to the chaos of this issue and I think the social services will want a few words. We start with her rushing at the car after the trippy last issue and surprise, surprise the wrench bounces off the bulletproof windscreen hitting her in the face.

Dazed she hears growling behind her and see’s that the coyote is back and looks hungry, she’s able to scramble under the car and the canine goes after the dead deer. What follows could be described as the Wyle E Coyote moment of the series as she chats with the coyote and it suggested she employ the ACME safe cracking method of throwing the car off the cliff to break it open.. and nothing ever goes wrong for the coyote in a Road Runner cartoon.

Review – Monolith #4

It’s a dark and desperate move but works, not because the car opens but because she finds her lost phone. From there it’s a race against time as David doesn’t seem to be moving and the hospital is 20 miles away.

Uzzeo and Rechioni don’t pull any punches in this mini-series and we see a very flawed human being making silly mistakes that have severe consequences. The whole story has such little narration or dialogue that it should be studied as a technique in minimal output for maximum impact.


With my above statement, you really need an artist like LRNZ to lift the script to a level where all the artwork does the work and he does this in every panel, brushstroke and panel it brings stress, energy and pain that Sandra goes through to life.

There’s a stunning dedication to the word of LRNZ at the end of the book where the author praises the attention to detail and the ability to use the image to tell the story. Just look at these two panels where Sandra argues with the car.

Review – Monolith #4

Final Thoughts

For any writers out there looking for the best in the business, your work is done and you should form a queue in front of LRNZ. This comic has come out of nowhere and blown me away, so don’t wait till it’s a motion picture get it now to gloat over your friends.

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I hope you really enjoyed this review of Monolith #4 as well as our other reviews.

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