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NIN & Spec Ops: The Line Alumni Form Game Studio; Eyes Out

Game Studio Eyes Out

A tortured shriek is all that can be heard in the reveal trailer for a brand new game studio called Eyes Out. However, the most fascinating thing about this reveal is the names behind this new studio, namely; Robin Finck and Cory Davis. Finck is most well-known for being the guitarist with both Nine Inch Nails and Guns n’ Roses intermittently. Whilst, Cory Davis is most well-known for being the Creative Director behind the underrated 2012 masterpiece that was Spec Ops: The Line. Besides being one of the creative driving forces behind Spec Ops: The Line, Davis was also behind the acclaimed PlayStation VR horror game Here They Lie, as well as being credited for developing the FEAR games and Condemned 2: Bloodshot. 

Well now the two respected creators have teamed up to form a brand new game development studio called Eyes Out. They are apparently working together to develop a single-player “cosmic horror game.” The title of this project hasn’t yet been revealed at the time of writing.

Robin Finck may sound like somewhat of an odd choice to helm a game studio given his background in music, but he is no stranger to the industry. The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer worked on the musical scores for 2019’s sci-fi thriller Observation and 2020’s Serious Sam 4.

Another intriguing aspect of this reveal is the use of the word “synesthesia,” in the description of what they want to achieve as a studio. The word is said to represent an amalgamation of “music, narrative, and interactive experiences.” Hopefully this unique experience that they are hoping to deliver is at the forefront of the development team’s collective mind when developing this game and not just an empty buzz word choice.

That said, whilst they didn’t go into great detail regarding the use of that word, Davis and Finck were careful to point out that the word was chosen purposefully in an interview with PC Gamer. “We’re referring to the crossing of the senses, where the perception of one leads to the experience of another, both in the development of the game and in the player experience as these elements are intertwined.”

The main thing that we can take away from the teaser video is the tone that they are striving for in this game. The only specific detail we know for sure regarding the project is that it will be a single-player experience, “with strong environmental storytelling elements.”

The only other clues that the teaser video gives us are some odd phrases that appear throughout, however it is really anyone’s guess as to what these could mean other than clearly relating to the tone of a cosmic horror game;

“One week in the creation and destruction of: Psyche, Soul, Sound. They buried bones. They buried the bones and walked with the bloom of a burgeoning Universe.”

According to Davis and Finck, more details surrounding the project will be revealed in “the months to come.” In the meantime, you can check out some more information with regards to the development team on the official Eyes Out website.

Game Studio Eyes Out

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