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Review – Nobody

Review – Nobody

Review – Nobody

Directed By: Ilya Naishuller

Written by: Derek Kolstad

Produced by: Tobey Maguire & David Leitch

Starring: Bob Odenkirk, Christopher Lloyd & RZA

Release Date: June 9th 2021 (UK)

If you’ve seen the trailers for Nobody, then you already know exactly the type of movie that you are in for. That is not a slight against the movie, it is just to say that there are no great twists here or subversion of audience expectations. The question in looking at Nobody for review is; does it fulfil its purpose and deliver on that intention? Thankfully, the answer is hell yes, it does!

If like me you are a Better Call Saul fan, then you will have a pre-conceived notion of who Bob Odenkirk is as an actor at this stage in his career. That was my one main concern going into this film; can Odenkirk pull off being a believable badass at this stage in his life? Again, the answer is hell yes, he can!

Review – Nobody

Odenkirk is phenomenal as Hutch Mansell in this movie, he delivers in both the role of a washed up nobody leading an unfulfilled life and as an unrelenting killing machine. He really looks the part after the two years he spent training for this role and although a stuntman was used in a few brief instances, Odenkirk does nearly all of his own stunt work in the film. After seeing some of the stunts performed in the movie, this fact is extremely impressive for a guy pushing 60.

Derek Kolstad’s writing in Nobody is also huge factor in what makes this film great. Kolstad also wrote the John Wick movies, so we already know that the guy knows how to write action. What I really appreciated though was the pacing of the action and the pacing of the movie overall. There is enough set-up to the character of Hutch that we are invested in him by the time that the first punch is thrown. I also enjoyed the tongue-in-cheek nature present in a lot of the film’s scenes.

The action choreography is as intense and exhilarating throughout the movie as you would expect. Something that I did really like though was how brutal and gritty the fight sequences were. In the John Wick movies, although the action is exciting to watch, it sometimes feels a bit too clean and smooth, whereas here it is a lot rougher and more visceral.

Review – Nobody

As much as Hutch Mansell is a badass killing machine, he is also pretty rusty having not done it for years and this is really felt in every hit that we see him take. His fighting style is far from the fluid, ninja-like style of John Wick and closer to a brawler or a bare-knuckle boxer. I liked seeing that and appreciated that it wasn’t like he just flicked a switch in order to go from washed up dad back to total badass.

The rest of the cast in the movie were also great. It was nice to see Christopher Lloyd also showing some serious badassery in his old age and I also enjoyed the brief appearances made by RZA and Colin Salmon.

The film is also well shot by Pawel Pogorzelski. The cinematography choices combined with the nice use of lighting made for some really good looking shots. I also really enjoyed the soundtrack in the film and felt that each song choice really complimented the scene that it was used in, without feeling forced or distracting.

Review – Nobody

Lastly, I don’t think there was any question that the director of Hardcore Henry knows how to shoot action, but just in case there was, Ilya Naishuller really shows that he is able to direct complex, fast moving action and stunt-work in Nobody. The action is all captured beautifully and really allows everyone on camera to show exactly what they are capable of doing within an intense fight scene.

Overall, my thoughts after watching Nobody for review is that it’s a phenomenal geriaction dadsploitation movie. If you are fan of Better Call Saul, John Wick, or just action movies in general then you should check this one out. I had a brilliant time with it and even ended up watching it twice in one weekend because I enjoyed it so much. It does what it says on the tin and is hugely entertaining throughout.

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