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Review – Out #2

Review – Out #2

Review – Out #2

Writer: Rob Williams

Artist: Will Conrad

Publisher: AWA

Release Date: 10th November 2021

Issue #2

In the waning days of World War Two, with the Allies advancing, a desperate Nazi officer unearths an ancient force of evil that he hopes will turn the tide of battle: a vampire. To test the power of his secret weapon, he unleashes the monster on an unsuspecting group of Allied POWs. It’s up to Nocona, a Comanche language expert, to communicate with the vampire to find out what it really wants.

Writer: Rob Williams

Issue 2 and we jump right in from Issue 1 to pick up with Dils being eviscerated by the vampire creature. Nocona is knocked out by the guards and dragged away before he can raise the alarm. The commandant wants to control the creature as he’s worried it will turn on the Nazis at some point. The priest reassures him, but if only there was a code breaker that the Germans could control?

William’s script hits all the right notes throughout the issue ramping up the tension and horror as the plot creates the perfect storm of POWs trapped in a castle with psychopathic Nazis and a Vampire.

Artist: Will Conrad

I’m really enjoying Conrad’s gritty artwork for Out its dark, gritty tone works with WWII. The stand out pages though are not those around the monster’s crypt (which are still great) but pages 11-13 which start with a print praying over a breathing tube as the POWs tunnel out below his feet. The straw pokes through panels to provide an amazingly tense and claustrophobic image.

Overall Thoughts

This issue focuses on some of the other characters allowing the plot to add weight to the nameless faces in the camp while still pushing relentlessly towards the creature being released to tear the POWs apart.

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