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Review – Out of Body #1

Review - Out of Body #1

Review – Out of Body #1

Writer – Peter Milligan

Artist – Inaki Miranda

Colourist – Eva De La Cruz

Letterer – Sal Cipriano

Publisher – Aftershock Comics

Release Date – 2nd June 2021


When Dan Collins wakes to finds his life hanging by a thread, he must use his astral projection to discover who tried to kill him. Who is the beautiful mystic who tries to help him? Why does August Fryne want Dan’s soul – and what does it have to do with a demon who seems to be Dorian Gray? A weird, occult detective thriller about life, death – and whatever lies in between.


Peter Milligan brings us an enticing tale and despite a slow start, the book gathers pace. And certainly by the end, we are left with several questions and looking forward to the next issue. Milligan’s characters are well written and the story arc looks like it is working towards something good. I’m certainly intrigued to see where this goes!


Visually stunning. The artwork in this book is completely on point and special praise has to go to the acid sequence. A crescendo of colours! The work from Miranda and De La Cruz on the astral projection alongside Cipriano’s lettering, also highlight just how well the art team work together and the panels are a joy to behold.


This is a book which fans of Mystery & Occult will relish. Milligan and Co. have provided a thoroughly exciting book which is well written and accompanied with beautiful artwork. This should be put on everyone’s must read list.

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