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Review – Peanuts, Scotland Bound, Charlie Brown

Review - Peanuts, Scotland Bound, Charlie Brown

Review – Peanuts, Scotland Bound, Charlie Brown

Storyboarded: Charles M. Schulz and Bill Melendez

Writer: Jason Cooper

Artist: Robert Pope

Published: Boom Studios

Available: 14th April 2021 (US) and June 2021 (UK)


Discovered in the archives of the Schulz Studio, Scotland Bound, Charlie Brown is an original graphic novel adaptation of an unproduced, feature-length special, storyboarded by Charles M. Schulz and Bill Melendez; written by Jason Cooper and with art by Robert Pope. 

I am always sceptical about the way other countries see Scotland many TV shows create an extreme version of Scotland. See shows like Simpsons (Groundskeeper Willie) Scooby-Doo (Loch Ness Monster) for these tired tropes of hairy, loud Scots living in medieval Scotland. There’s always mist on the mountains, no modern infrastructure loads of drunk caricatures.

This is different, it still stumbles from time to time with the notion of “What is Scotland?” but to be fair most Scots still do. It doesn’t seem at the expense of Scotland this time and I can see most tourist shops and airports carrying this book!


Good Ole Charlie Brown has fallen in love with his pen-pal from Scotland! Now, full of unbridled enthusiasm and confidence, he’s convinced his friends Linus, Lucy, Schroeder, and his faithful dog, Snoopy, to accompany him on an international trip to meet her. Whether it’s golf, music, or the mystery of Loch Ness, everyone discovers something extraordinary about the legendary country…even Charlie Brown, who realizes he’s wishy-washy wherever he may be.

This is more of a kids travel log that than a traditional Peanuts strip. We get lots shots of key tourist spots from the Air Traffic tower at Edinburgh Airport to Glenfinnan Viaduct. It seems to be a romantic love letter to Scotland from Schultz and the new team have updated it to balance out the book.

This is a lovely 110 pages long (about 30-minute read) with lots of Easter Eggs, pencilled strips and an interview included at the back of the book.


The book is very faithful to Schultz and we see lots of expected set-pieces. Many characters are quickly shown (Pigpen, Patty etc..) before we then focus on the tight group who have an interest in Scotland. The local scenery and history of Scotland are drawn with passion and reverence. A usual Snoopy is the real star of Peanuts and here he’s a sheep-dog, a piper and a juggler!

Overall Thoughts

The back of the book contains a good reference guide to places and objects named in the book which is a nice educational touch for kids to follow up with after reading! I would object strongly to the “Haggis” joke that runs through as a country and chlorinates it chicken shouldn’t throw stones about our delicacy!

For fans of Peanuts this will be a great addition to your library! I hope you enjoyed our review of Peanuts: Scotland Bound, Charlie Brown.

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