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Review – Possessive #2

Review – Possessive #2

Review – Possessive #2

Writer: Adam F. GoldbergHans Rodionoff

Artist: Eduardo Garcia

Colourist: Robby Bevard

Letterer: Carlos M. Mangual

Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment

Release Date: 15th September 2021

Variant Cover: Riveiro

Review – Possessive #2
Seth Rogan?

Issue #2

So…Todd’s life just got a whole lot weirder. He has a new house, a new roommate, a new death wish? After Todd’s first meeting with Lady Jane Baker, the murderous spirit who lives in his attic, let’s just say things took an odd turn. Left, basically, asking for death and confused beyond description, Todd is going to soon learn that this is just the beginning of his strange new status quo.

Don’t miss this next pulse-pounding (for those who have one), heart-wrenching (also for those who have one) spiritually insane (for those who aren’t already) issue!

Writer: Adam F. Goldberg, Hans Rodionoff

Todd’s a fucking loser, he’s so bad that even a ghost in his house won’t kill him. He decided to drown his sorrows at the bottom of a bottle but finds that the erstwhile spirit doesn’t like him drinking. This is punctuated by the ritualistic disembowelling of the delivery driver bringing new alcohol.

After drying out for a few days Todd decides to get traditional help from an exercise but botches it when the priest asks if it is a demon or ghost. The priest joins the body count cursing Todd for his penny-pinching lies. A now sober Todd researches the female ghost and finds out that she was tortured by her husband in life, a drunkard and is taking it out on him. He apologies and decides to use her as a muse for his painting and over a couple of fo weeks he turns his life around.

Goldberg and Rodionoff create a frankly nuts take on the haunted house schtick with a tale of retribution and atonement. The humanisation of the ghoulish ghost is refreshing but the sex scenes are maybe going a bit too far.

Review – Possessive #2

Artist: Eduardo Garcia

The artwork is incredible by Garcia flipping from down-beat alcoholic to disembowelling priest within a few panels. The lettering and colouring that Bevard and Mangual use to enhance the artwork (particularly the skittering noises of the ghosts nails on the walls) add the final perfect pieces to the issue.

Overall Thoughts

I think the only time I’ve seen sex with a ghost before this is one of the Waylon brother’s Scary Movie films and this leaves just as much of a bad taste as those. It’s slightly offensive, weird and just stupid enough to have you laughing along with every page. I do hope Todd used protection for the act if there is a chance of STDs or ghost pregnancy!

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