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Review – Radiant Black #2

Review – Radiant Black #2

Writer: Kyle Higgins

Artist: Marcello Costa

Letters By: Becca Carey

Publisher: Image Comics

Release Date: March, 2021, TPB due in August


Check out or review of issue 1 here.

Yesterday: Nathan found an alien artefact that turned him into a superhero. Today? His dad says he has to get a job, so driving for rideshare company Drivr it is then. Oh, and there’s also someone else out there robbing banks with powers like his. That’s probably important.


Higgins delivers again in Issue 2 of RB with a good post-origin story to bring both the Audience and Nathan back down to reality. He’s broke, living with his parents and staying out all night, so his dad sits him down for “The Talk” about money, responsibility and jobs, but Nathan doesn’t want to listen.

Later on the police from issue 1 turn up and push Nathan to help with problems including the bank robberies in Chicago by a red variant of the Radiant costume. Nathan kills two birds with one stone and uses his job at Drivr to get tips on where the robber might be in a great passenger montage. Be careful what you wish as the newly powered Nathan doesn’t know how to work all his powers. Radiant Red wipes the floor with him.

It’s a great second issue, with more time spent on the human side of being a hero and less on the cool stuff. we get great discussions on how many raisins should go in oatmeal and some wise words from his dad.


Every image in this comic shows how small subtle changes in each panel can add tonnes of emotion and empathy for a character. Just look at the above image, no words, no narration but with the five panels, we know everything going on in Nathan’s head and his decision via the eyes.

Carey’s lettering here boosts any narration or onomatopes us with pitch perfect effects.

Overall Thoughts

Most issues slow down in issue 2 cause readership problems as writers cram in backstory or plot threads, keeping it crisp, clear and simple adds more here than some five or ten-issue series have so far. Oh, and the answer always is more raisins.

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