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Review – Stillwater #8

Review - Stillwater #8

Review – Stillwater #8

Writer – Chip Zdarsky

Artist – Ramon K Perez

Colourist – Mike Spicer

Publisher – Image Comics

Release Date – 17th June


In a town where no-one dies, how can you dispose of a dead body? Sheriff Tanya takes it upon herself to go on a road trip to remedy the situation.

Superstar writer Chip Zdarsky and Eisner Award-Winning artist Ramon K Perez bring us another instalment of their monthly horror mystery series.


I’m a big fan of Chip Zdarsky and think he’s great at what he does. But Stillwater #8 feels like a filler issue. Last month’s issue focused a lot on backstory and it’s the same again here. This issue focuses on Sheriff Tanya and how she found herself in the mysterious town of Stillwater. Whilst I have been enjoying the run and feel like it is building up to something good, I’m not sure how many more backstories we need before the main storyline can progress.


Ramon K Perez and Mike Spicer again combine well in this book. Some of the detail in the facial expressions of the characters really is fantastic. And the colouring is a subtle accompaniment, rather than being overbearing. Spicer utilises his colour palette to good effect and certainly it is a welcome addition to how dark the book is overall.


I said in my review for the last issue that it wasn’t very story driven. This feels like another filler issue with a lot of backstory. The series is building up to something and hopefully it starts to come together sooner, rather than later. That being the said, Zdarksy is still an exceptional storyteller and the artwork is well detailed.

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