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Review – Radiant Black #7

Review – Radiant Black #7

Writers: Kyle Higgins/Melissa Flores

Artist: Marcelo Costa/Eleonora Carlini

Colourist: Rod Fernandes

Letterer: Becca Carey

Editor: Michael Busuttil

Publisher: Image Comics

Release Date: August 18th 2021

Variant Covers:  Trevor McCarthy, Felipe Watanabe, Daniele Di Nicuolo, Mateus Santolouco


NEW STORY ARC! Picking up from the shocking ending of issue five, Radiant Black’s life just got a whole lot more complicated. Pursued by a new enemy and not sure who to trust, will our hero escape with his life? Or is this the beginning of the end for RADIANT BLACK?

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Writers: Kyle Higgins/Melissa Flores

After the sidebar in issue #6 which gave use Red’s stunning origin, we’re back in the fight of our lives with Pink, Yellow, Black and Red Radiants fighting the mysterious glitchy Radiant. Outmatched, out skilled and still learning the heroes run with the help of Pink to Tokyo. With the foe minutes behind them they need to get out of the populated area but only get as far as a forest in Japan.

Ambushed in the air they plummet to Earth but Pink and Black grab each other and they end up somewhere in time and space surrounded by a space battle between Radiant-ish robots. Black realises that he can charge up Pink and they jump back just in time for the final confrontation.

Higgin’s and Flores pack a lot into this issue with the conflict between Red and Black still burning as well as the added new coloured Radiants. There’s still a lot of Marshall’s humour within him (showing the team how to create a vomit hole in their masks) but the human side still manages to come through stronger.

Artist: Marcelo Costa/Eleonora Carlini

Many fans are comparing (unfairly) this to a budget Power Rangers and this could still happen but I have faith that Costa and the team will continue to bring each unique character to life with their amazing artwork, colouring and lettering. Every panel adds value to the story and are crammed full of incredible details that you catch on a second read.

Overall Thoughts

Jumping back to s story after a break in the issues is dangerous, particularly in new titles like Radiant Black but the team is energised by new writing and artistic talents leading to the amazing news that this issue has sold out completely at the Distributor level leading to a fresh cover by Mateus Santolouco.

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