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Review – King Spawn #1

King Spawn #1 is written by Sean Lewis & Todd McFarlane with art by Javi Fernandez, Stephen Segovia, Marcio Takara, Philip Tan & Brett Booth. Published by Image Comics & released in August, 2021.


After a ruthless bombing of a school by a completely normal teacher, Spawn suspects a higher power at work as opposed to the enigmatic human condition. With more carnage to come, he sets out to connect the dots of the homicide. All the while more angels and demons are slithering through the cracks of the locked deadzones, the only question is who has the key?

King Spawn #1


With so many links to the chains surrounding Spawn, the artists made sure to keep each story’s style unique apart from their collective brutality. You can’t turn a page without someone exploding or turning into mush!

King Spawn #1


While not technically a fault of the comic, it feels like entering into the Avengers: Endgame of Spawn without the homework. I can’t tell if the drama and horror is amplified through Lewis’ & McFarlane’s biblical prophecy of an imminent apocalyptic war or my bewilderment while getting thrashed by deep and constant lore. Don’t be fooled by the #1 tag on this comic, this is quite literally the end of the beginning of King Spawn.

King Spawn #1

In an interesting turn for Spawn, Lewis gives the main story a more grounded and gritty approach with a dose of noir tension. Giving this fantastical bloodbath a more realistic and unsettling murder mystery akin to the work of David Fincher.


In conclusion, King Spawn #1 is a bombastic and righteous addition to the new Spawn collection. With viscerally designed details and artwork crowned with traumatic excitement throughout, all you can say is Long Live The King!

King Spawn #1

If you are a long running die hard Spawn fan, you’ll have no problem in falling in love with this installment. For newer or more casual fans, this may be a head scratcher that requires patience to make sense and in time I’m sure this universe will deliver in spades.

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Let us know in the comments your thoughts on King Spawn #1 and be sure to check out our review for Spawn’s Universe #1!

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