Review – Refrigerator Full of Heads #4

Review – Refrigerator Full of Heads #4

Review – Refrigerator Full of Heads #4

Writer: Rio Youers

Artist: Tom Fowler

Lettering: Andworld Design

Publisher: DC Comics

Release Date: 23rd February 2022

Cover Artists: Cully Hamner, Lee Loughridge

Review – Refrigerator Full of Heads #4

Issue #4

Now that Cal and Arlene’s secret is out to the bloodthirsty biker gang scouring Brody Island for the magical axe in their possession, the heads are truly rolling…and if they plan to get out alive, they’re going to need an ally—someone who knows exactly what that axe can do! Someone like, for example, June Branch? Unfortunately, June is a little…tied up at the moment…

Writer: Rio Youers

After the exposition of the last issue, we get down and deadly quickly in this issue as Cal and Arlene are quickly under siege by the biker gang. Thankfully, their trusty magical axe evens the score but not before Cal says relax for the last time. What’s a girl to do with a fridge full of talking heads, a chomping shark and the need to fill in the blanks.

Youers balances the plot between amazingly gory action and plot development of the artefacts. Thrown in a pinch of tragedy as well as a large scoop of comedy and you have the recipe for an amazing issue

Artist: Tom Fowler

Fowler spends the majority of the issue on the fridge of heads and the chomping shark that relentless makes mincemeat out of hapless biker goons. Arlene’s cold attitude cuts through the page like an axe through a spinal cord. Fowler must have been grinning from ear to ear as he drew this.

Overall Thoughts

Issue #4 allows the series to hit peak decapitation and evisceration levels with more blood than a vampire’s intestines on display. The field of characters has been quickly whittled down and the shocking final full-page revelation brought a visible gasp from me

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