Review - Rick and Morty: Rick's New Hat #1Comic Reviews 

Review – Rick and Morty: Rick’s New Hat #1

Review - Rick and Morty: Rick's New Hat #1

Review – Rick and Morty: Rick’s New Hat #1

Written: Alex Firer 

Artwork: Fred C. Stresing

Colourist: Andrew Dalhouse

Letters: Crank!

Published: Oni Press

Available: 2nd June 2021


It’s THE comics event of 2021: Rick’s New Hat! No really. It’s a thing. See, there’s a hat. And it’s Ricks. And it’s NEW. Also time, space, and reality are unravelling and nobody seems to care. When Rick and Morty buy the greatest hat in all the multiverse, it attracts an evil so banal that even our intrepid adventurers may not be able to stop it. In true comics event tradition, this one features everyone from Rick and Morty, to Mr Poopybutthole, Pickle Rick, Snowball, and MORE. A faux-crossover event from the evil geniuses behind Rick and Morty Presents: Birdperson.

Ta da! The New Hat!!


Firer’s style fits the genre and subject…feckin weird! It can be hard to cram such a weird and chaotic anthology into a classic 28-page comic. Speaking to SYFY about the issue Firer said:

Rick’s New Hat is my attempt to tell the dumbest story in the widest possible scope — that of a massive comic book company crossover event, Rick getting a new hat that makes him dumb will take him to the apocalypse, the afterlife, and to meet the God of Knowledge himself, Nunzumel the Think-Giver. The chapters in between will focus on Mr Poopybutthole, Tickets Please Guy, and Morty’s non-existent solo title – opening the door to an imagined world where even the most minor character has a series that spans hundreds of issues and will never end. Although I’m not sure what else is coming out next year comics wise, there’s a non-zero chance Rick’s New Hat may be the biggest comics event of 2021, and nothing will ever be the same again,” he adds. “For the longest time, our greatest minds wondered “can comics be literature?” And this comic will answer—well, one of them is!

Alex Firer: Interview with SYFY

It’s hard to take seriously a comic that breaks and insults the fourth wall constantly but this one just about does it. Taking the stupidest recent Crisises and Crossover events in big titles and rubbing their nose in the mess they make will provide some readers with well needed cathartis.


Review - Rick and Morty: Rick's New Hat #1

The artwork is exactly where you would expect, mirroring the colours, absurdity and madness you’d expect. The issue is a bit all over the place, but so is Rick and Morty so if you’re a fan of the show then you should like this comic. There are hints that this title will have everything and the kitchen sink so if you have a favourite character then you’ll need this should be on your list.

Let’s Get Schwifty!!

As a pastiche joke on the terrible confusing nature of convoluted and pointless Crossover events, this does a great job of being a terrible and pointless event but buy it if you like stuff like this, this is almost as confusing as the thing it is taking the mickey out of.

I hope you enjoyed this review of Rick and Morty: Rick’s New Hat #1, and thanks to Oni Press for advance review.

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