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Review – Shadowman #4

Review – Shadowman #4

Written By: Cullen Bunn

Art By: Jon Davis-Hunt

Colours By: Jordie Bellaire

Letters By: Clayton Cowles

Cover Art By Jon Davis-Hunt (cover A)

Published by: Valiant Comics

Release Date: July 28th, 2021

Variant Covers: Tony Moore, Juan Gimenez and Michael Walsh


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Masters of Horror Cullen Bunn and Jon Davis-Hunt bring Shadowman’s descent into the darkness of London.
What’s your darkest secret worth?
Danger is a drug and it’s deep in the veins of mankind. Shadowman’s on a quest to find the source of his hallucinations and Jack has less control than he once thought. The worst has happened…Deadside has arrived!

Writer: Cullen Bunn

Shadowman drops into good old London Town for a psychedelic trip with a tripped out deadside demon. In a park, some women are approached by a man in a hoodie. Lifting it back a wide-mouthed, needle tongued horror spews drugs at them sending them into a frenzied overdose. Jack and Samedi track the blight back to a drug den and Jack enters. He finds the Drug Loa and is sent on an overdosed ride of his life. During this trip, his awareness seems to expand and he finally meets and speaks to the shadowy woman that has been following him.

Bunn turns it up to 11 in this issue with a conclusion to the current story arc. We finally get a stronger appreciation for the link between the Deadside and Earth. Humans are creating the holes through negative emotions and this then speeds up the process creating a feedback loop.

Bunn’s uses the analogy of a sealed room that over time starts to fall apart should you shore up beams and walls that are falling apart or put your energy into pulling down the house? If our dimension is a sealed box but our actions over time are slowing breaking down the walls can we be surprised when some are able to come through?

This completely flips the whole concept of the Shadowman ethos and could be a game-changer.


Wow.. just wow this issue has a lot of plot and narration for the reader to get through and this needs a skilled artistic eye to balance out the imagery and colours. Bellaire explosion of colours in the two double-page drug trip spread adds another dimension to the piece. The melting imagery as his consciousness expands adds to the amazing narration provided by Bunn.

Overall Thoughts

Bunn wraps up this first story arc with a drug-fueled trip (ahem) into a higher state of Loa consciousness. We learn the consequences of all our negative actions and the world of Shadowman will never be the same again.

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