Review – Spider-Man: Spiders Shadow #4Comic Reviews 

Review – Spider-Man: Spiders Shadow #4

Review – Spider-Man: Spiders Shadow #4

Review – Spider-Man: Spiders Shadow #4

Writer: Chip Zdarsky

Artwork: Pasqual Ferry & Matt Hollingsworth

Cover Artist: Phil Noto


Available: 14th July 2021

Variant Cover: Christian Ward


WHAT IF PETER PARKER BECAME VENOM? Peter is finally free…or so he thought. The Fantastic Four are now in trouble, with Reed Richards in the crosshairs of the symbiote—and it’s more dangerous than ever before! A brutal penultimate chapter, featuring guest stars galore and twists you’ll never see coming!

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Writer: Chip Zdarsky

Zdarsky picks up the action from the last issue with the police tracking down Peter and JJJ feeling helpless as he should be able to help people understand that the suit was responsible, not Peter. Peter warns him to stand down as the symbiote might be after him after the fire in the last issue and heads to find Reed Richards.

Close to the Baxter Building he sees it covered in the symbiote and meets with the heroes trying to stop its spread at the bottom of the building. An Angry Torch blames Peter for the contamination of Reed and Ben by Sue stops him. With great power comes great responsibility and Peter convinces Cap and the team that he needs to face it on his own and heads inside, followed by Johnny and MJ.

Zdasky story is much better than the last issue and you feel the real emotional guilt when Peter admits that he wanted all the criminals dead and that the creature fed on it rather than manifesting it. The finale, next issue, will probably see at least one hero dead if not more.

Artwork: Pasqual Ferry & Matt Hollingsworth

Ferry and Hollingsworth creative team bring the emotions out in this issue from Peter’s guilt and grief to Mj’s concern and JJJ’s helplessness. The Reed Symbiote and the Thing Symbiote are much more angular and alien-looking than traditional venomised heroes.

Overall Thoughts

With the symbiote’s great powers comes Spiderman’s great responsibility to take back control and win the trust of others as well as himself. Bring your hankies for the finale as I have a feeling we’ll need them.

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