Review - Teen Titans Academy #3Comic Reviews 

Review – Teen Titans Academy #3

Review - Teen Titans Academy #3

Review – Teen Titans Academy #3

Writer – Tim Sheridan

Penciler – Rafa Sandoval

Inker – Jordi Tarragona

Artist – Max Raynor (pages 2-4, 7-9)

Colourist – Alejandro Sanchez & Alex Sinclair (pages 2-4, 7-9)

Letterer – Rob Leigh

Publisher – DC Comics

Release – 26th May 2021


The Crossover with Suicide Squad is here. Hunted by the deadly Task Force X, the new students of Titans Academy will have to grow up fast or risk losing one of their own even faster. Why has the Squad put a target on new speedster Bolt’s back? And why, in its charge on Titans Island, is Amanda Waller’s team of villains being led by the mysterious Red X?!


Where to start with this one? A Crossover Event should be something to look forward to, right? Teen Titans Academy #3 is not that I’m afraid. The story (what little there is) does little to progress either title. And Sheridan focuses more on the Titans trying to determine the identity of Red-X, rather than giving this issue any real depth.

And when the Titans do eventually square up against Task Force X, it’s more of a damp squib rather than an action packed battle. The ‘battle’ is too dialogue focused and detracts from the action completely.

Review - Teen Titans Academy #3


Multiple members of the art team, yay! No. Just No. I understand the need to bring multiple people in if they are bringing different dynamics to a book. That doesn’t happen here. I’ve said it before that I am not a fan of multiple artists working on one book. It’s not that the artwork is bad. Far from it. But the various artists do not enhance it and there is little variance in the styles.


As Crossover Events go, Teen Titans Academy #3 did not impress me. I said when I reviewed Suicide Squad #3 that I thought it was too early to have these titles pair up. And as a result we have this poor excuse for a Crossover Event. The separate titles should have had an established story arc before this was attempted. But unfortunately they were both in their infancy, and it shows.

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