Review – The Anomaly Squad

Review – The Anomaly Squad

Writer: Luke Halsall

Artwork: Jim Lavery

Lettering: Rob Jones

Publisher: Luke Halsall

Available: Kickstarter (March 2022)


One day all the heroes are gone. All that is left is the leftovers, TheAnomaly Squad. Can they stop Mr NAStay in time and bring back the rest of the heroes? Or will The Curator just put everyone to sleep again with one of his speeches? 

Writer: Luke Halsall

Halsall takes the idea of a world without superheroes to another level here. Similar to the movie Mystery Men, all that is left are a bunch of misfits and weirdos that must solve the mystery and save the world. The group Little Miss Hittie, The Curator, Plastic Duck, Franko, That 90s Guy and Monochrome are approached by Seargent Raimi to find the mastermind behind the heroes disappearance Mr NAStay (capital NAS)

Halsall balances a tricky line between humour and action in this pilot issue. There are nuggets of a great story here with the characters or LMH or That 90s Guy giving a fresh style the genre. The comic reminds me of a cross between the Beano and 2000AD, which is a compliment in itself.

Artwork: Jim Lavery

Lavery creates a manic style of artwork that suits Halsall’s script to a tee. His first few pages help with the disappearance storyline showing the hero Networker stopping a catfish before blinking out of existence. The vibrant green of his costume draws your eyes into the page and as he bursts into green flames you are already wondering what is happening. The violent Little Miss Hittie again showcases his artwork when she interrogates App App Away with a bomb.

Overall Thoughts

This Kickstarter would suit those readers that like a laugh with their tongue jammed deeply into their cheek. I could see Dynamite Comics running, or Heavy Metal, due to its manic, zany action, It won’t be everybody’s cup of tea but if you like holding a mirror up to the more sombre comics to show the ludicrousness of heroes and powers then this should be an easy pledge for you on Kickstarter.

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