Review – The Crimson Cage #5

Review – The Crimson Cage #5

Review – The Crimson Cage #5

Story: John Lees

Art: Alex Cormack

Colour: Ashley Cormack

Letterer: Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou

Publisher: AWA Studios/ Upshot Studios

Available: 20th April 2022

Act V: Sound And Fury

The devastating final chapter of the Shakespearian pro wrestling epic! All of Chuck Frenzy’s scheming and depravity have led him here.

A final battle with arch-rival Emmet Crowe, broadcast live on closed-circuit television, inside the diabolical structure of his nightmares: The Crimson Cage. But is this a wrestling match, or a very real fight to the death? Don’t miss the bloody conclusion!

Story: John Lees

Lee concludes this epic mini-series in the most dramatic way possible, in a life or death cage match for both the title and the soul of Chuck Frenzy. After killing Crowe’s family in the horrific fourth issue Chuck and Sharlene put it all on the line to cement their place in history. Sharlene starts the match with Gorilla Gozu with some bitch talk before the cost of selling her soul for infamy hits her at breakneck speeds. Can Chuck recover after this setback to retain his title in the dreaded Crimson Cage? With the prophecy that he will remain champion while there is a roof on the place what could go wrong?

there’s no messing in this issue and every few pages the hand of fate can be seen commenting on Chuck’s choices and why it loves wresting. With Lee’s interpretation of Macbeth, it was always going to end in a pool of blood but this issue goes out with a bang.

Art: Alex Cormack

Cormack has been an exemplar throughout this miniseries and finishes it off with the style and panache needed for a 1980s wrestling tragedy. In particular, his use of panelling to slow down and speed up the action in the ring draws you into the match as you bounce off the mesh walls and hit the canvas. Page 12 shows a resplendent Chuck Frenzy, complete with horned crown, now the ultimate heel as he’s boo’ed into the ring.

Overall Thoughts

The curse of the “Scottish Play” has been avoided in this incredible moral tale. Let this be a warning to other writers and artwork. Lee and Cormack are the ultimate comic Tag-Team and anybody coming for their crown can expect to lose by pin, fall or submission!

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