Review: Eat My Flesh, Drink My Blood #1

Review: Eat My Flesh, Drink My Blood #1

Review: Eat My Flesh, Drink My Blood #1

Writer: Frankee White

Artist: Adam Markiewicz

Colour: A.H.G.

Letterer: Adam Markiewicz

Publisher: Dauntless Stories

Release Date: April 2022

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EAT MY FLESH, DRINK MY BLOOD (EMFDMB), created by Frankee White (Broken Bear, Starless Daydream), Adam Markiewicz (The Great Divide, Broken Bear, and Into The N-Zone) and A.H.G. (Boom Studios’ Dark Blood, Broken Bear, Starless Daydream) is an absurd romantic horror encompassed in a 52-page magazine-sized graphic novel.

John and Lisa are engaged and looking toward their future when John receives a letter from his past. John’s estranged father is dying, and his mother wants him to meet with them both for mass at their parish. Lisa, curious about this mostly blank spot in her fiancé’s life, presses him to heal his family wounds. John agrees on one condition: Lisa must join him. What comes next is a dive into a uniquely absurd romantic horror by the creative team behind the critically acclaimed graphic novel, BROKEN BEAR, that asks: “HOW FAR WILL YOU GO TO BE WITH THE ONE YOU LOVE?”

Writer: Frankee White

White has skillfully managed to write a classic American Gothic Story in EMFDMB. We start with the engaged couple John and Lisa entering the local church where John’s estranged parents attend. The story cleverly flashes backwards and forwards to fill in the history of the parent meet and greet. John hasn’t seen his parents in over a decade but when his mother writes advising his dad will die soon, Lee encourages John to mend old wounds before it is too late.

Not all tales need to twist and turn, and this proves that a simple but stunning well-written tale can hold its own.

Artist: Adam Markiewicz

Markiewicz creates a very unsettling panel setup with a set of three uniform panels throughout the 57-page comic. It trundles constantly, like an ominous train slowing drawing you into the comic before the horror action kicks off. Lisa is quickly developed as the protagonist. When the pace increases the three-page panelling somehow forces you to engage fully with each gut-wrenching image.

Overall Thoughts

This complete story transubstantiates from the pages. For an ex-Catholic like me, the imagery of the Eucharist was always such a troubling thing and this comic turns my feet cold with the horror behind it. Like other great horror stories such as Midsommer or The Wicker Man (original not that Cage mess), you are left with a horrible metallic taste in your mouth. This scores a perfect 10 on the artwork, writing and colouring and for fans of The Silver Coin get in early while you can.

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