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Review – The Illusion Witch Book One

Review - The Illusion Witch Book One
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Review – The Illusion Witch Book One

Ruben Romero– Writer

Andrea Errico – Pencils & Inks

Letters- Dave Lentz

Published By: DFAT Comics

Available: 14th April 2021


When Ian at BGCP asked me to review a new greenlit Kickstarter title called The Illusion Witch I was a little sceptical. I’ve read all these types before someone from earth gets sucked into a sword and sorcery dimension and rise to be the hero. I did not set my sights high.. but Ruben the Writer was able to hold my attention with 22 pages of action from cover to cover!

Review - The Illusion Witch Book One


The Illusion Witch Book One is a 22 page dark fantasy tale about Aadya Locke, a celebrated illusionist that is regrettably pulled into a breath-taking world of real magic. Saari is both an awe-inspiring and terrifying realm where Aadya encounters demonic threats like “The Three” – a maniacal wraith whose intentions are truly sinister.

 At her side is Baru, a talking Dasyuridae with the ability to fold space and travel far distances. He guides her through this fantastical realm which is wrought with monstrous beasts in hopes to help her fulfil her destiny of becoming the Cyren – The living embodiment of knowledge and power.

This story will capture the spirit of self-discovery, confronting inner demons, and saving a lost world through the most powerful magic there is: Love and Family.  This was initially a Kickstarter in February 2021 and quickly hit it’s funding goal!

Art and Visuals

Review - The Illusion Witch Book One

Andrea Errico graduated with the score of 110/110 at the Academy of Fine art! His depictions of woman are much more realistic with proportions without losing the boobs, corsets and suspenders you expect in an illusionist’s stage costume!

His depictions of a fight in Saari show a flair and enjoyment that harks back to the 80s and 90s style of comics! I love the SPLORK noise added to the web effect and I now demand all artists use this with webs in future!!

Review - The Illusion Witch Book One

Overall Thoughts

This short run crowdfunded comic will run out soon and if I was you I’d demand that DFAT get a second print ASAP as word of mouth will pick up interest in it!

Get over to ETSY from 14th April and pick up a comic or ask your local independent comic shop to contact DFAT comics to add to their monthly subscriptions, if you enjoyed our Review of The Illusion Witch Book One then let us know in the comments.

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