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Review – Marvel’s Silk #1

Review - Marvel's Silk #1
Review – Marvel’s Silk #1

Written by Maurene Goo

Illustrated & coloured by Takeshi Miyazawa & Ian Herring

Published by Marvel

Released in March, 2021


Marvel’s Silk #1 (2021) is the first issue of a new Spider-Man spin off, written by Maurene Goo and illustrated by Takeshi Miyazawa with colouring from Ian Herring.

Kept away from her family in a bunker beneath the city of New York due to a familiar bite from an unfriendly neighbourhood spider, Cindy Moon emerges to find her place in the world. Striking a balance between her double life behind her brother’s back as an investigative journalist for one J Jonah Jameson by day and as a webshooting wonder woman by night known as Silk. When Cindy weaves her own web of journalistic intrigue through a suspicious business operation, her double life intertwines. 


Right off the bat, the design of Silk resembles that of Kitana from Mortal Kombat or Pyslocke of the X-Men if they inhabited the Venom symbiote suit. Neat! 

Review - Marvel's Silk #1

However, the cover art depiction of Cindy Moon differs from her look within the comic. Minor details that overall don’t break the consistency of the character but are noticeably different when compared. 

Despite an overall balance of witty humor and kick-ass action, there are foreshadowing panels of graphic imagery hinted at in small doses which will make for added suspense as the story progresses and deepens. 


Avid fans of the Spider-Man franchise will be happy to know that the dialogue keeps within the web of beloved Spider-Humor while presenting fresh tonalities. All of the funny comebacks with none of the groan inducing pans!

Review - Marvel's Silk #1

The family dynamic of living a double life is given a unique and interesting spin, the usual pairing of aunt and nephew is replaced with a brother and sister relationship which on the surface has a lot more character development possibilities already alluded to. 

Review - Marvel's Silk #1

Our black widow badass, Silk, is just as much of a badass in the daytime as the woman behind the web, Cindy Moon. Shutting down haters with spidey-sense-like instincts firing off quick burns and roasting retorts. Who says superheroes need to lose their edge when the mask comes off? She even takes jabs at Mr. McPictures of Spider-Man himself!

Review - Marvel's Silk #1

Perhaps to some controversy, it appears as though the monotonous mantra of “with great power comes great responiblah blah blah!” has been dumped in the trash heap of overused hero taglines. In its place is an intriguing message “I’ve been in a bunker for over a decade, so I’m gonna enjoy what I earn.”. Granted, it doesn’t have the same ring to it but in an age of embracing the art of self-care, this is a very relatable message. 


Review - Marvel's Silk #1

In conclusion, Marvel’s Silk #1 (2021) delivers a lot of detail and character in short succession and sticks the landing flawlessly in its immersive story. As mentioned before, this is a worthy entry to the Spider-Verse with a refreshing spin on the world of webslinging. I’m excited to see where this weaved web of Silk leads Cindy in future issues. 

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Let us know in the comments your thoughts on our Review of Marvel’s Silk #1, what you hope to see from the character and what other spin-off comics you’d like to see in the future!

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