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Review – The Joker Presents: A Puzzlebox #5

Review - The Joker Presents: A Puzzlebox #5
Cover Art

Review – The Joker Presents: A Puzzlebox #5

Writer – Matthew Rosenberg

Artist – Jesus Merino & Dominike ‘Domo’ Stanton

Colourist – Ulises Areola & Mike Spicer

Letterer – Ferran Delgado

Publisher – DC Comics

Release Date – 4th August 2021


In the race to find out who killed the Riddler, our focus switches to Harvey Dent. And whilst in custody at GCPD, he recalls what really happened after he was shot by Black Mask in Russia (told from the Joker’s twisted perspective of course). With a who’s who of Gotham Supervillians, Two-Face is up against it in the pursuit of the puzzle piece.

Matthew Rosenberg keeps the momentum going in an action-packed 5th issue of a planned 7 issues series. And with resident artist, Jesus Merino joined by Dominike ‘Domo’ Stanton and Colourist Ulises Arreola joined by guest Mike Spicer, this is another exciting instalment to the series.


Matthew Rosenberg is a man who knows how to write mystery and intrigue. With only another 2 issues after this book, we are left wondering how this is all going to come together and if we actually find out who killed the Riddler? He has left various clues throughout the issues so far but have readers been able to pick up on these? The issue itself is a fascinating follow on from issue #3 when Black Mask ventured to Russia and we can see what happened to Two-Face thereafter. A slow start that finishes that with an action-packed crescendo!


With Jesus Merino joined by guest artist Domo Stanton, there really is an enjoyable contrast between the pairs’ artwork. And certainly, I enjoyed Stanton’s depiction of some of Gotham’s heavy hitters and the Joker especially. In addition to colourist Ulises Arreola, Mike Spicer brings a vivid palette to the book whilst not overshadowing the darkness associated with Gotham City. The artwork speaks for itself and captures the mystery and intrigue that Rosenberg is conveying in the storyline.


With only two issues to go after this issue, I’m really excited to see how Matthew Rosenberg brings this all together. I said in the last issue that I was struggling to gather the puzzle pieces and I am none the wiser after this! This might be down to the fact that the whole series has been narrated by the Joker and in his twisted psyche, there is no normal thought process or reasoning. But regardless, the book is well written and matched with fantastic artwork, this is another great instalment to this mini-series.

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