Review – The Nice House On The Lake #8

Review – The Nice House On The Lake #8

Review – The Nice House On The Lake #8

Written by: James Tynion IV

Art by: Alvaro Martinez Bueno

Colours by: Jordie Bellaire

Letters by: Andworld Design

Published by: DC Black Label

Available: 20th April 2022

Book 8

With Walter living among his friends in the house, has the impossible happened? Have their lives actually…improved? Perhaps for some—but how are things going for the one housemate whose place Walter took?

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Last issue we left the survivors working well together to exploit the house’s powers by designing new buildings but stuck in the isolation annexe Norah was tortured by visions of her friends and family. In this issue Ryan, the first character we met in issue #1starts to see the flaw in the design and her place in it. She has that feeling of getting to a party late when everybody already knows everyone, where nobody wants her opinion and she’s ignored by all in the decision-making process.

This is a key change in Tyrion’s narrative that has her as the fly in the ointment, a late addition to Walter’s crew that doesn’t have a key purpose or unique skill. the friends even ignore her and it’s only when she points this out that she begins to question Walter’s plan. Even bigger issues arise when Walter argues with Norah over his concerns about the group finding out again. If he tells them the world has ended they will gel better but hate him, but if he keeps them oblivious individuals like Ryan, with lives on the outside, will keep questioning why they are there.

I’m glad we seem to have finally turned the wheel one full rotation and are developing the story to mirror the narrations we see at the start of each issue, there are only so many gilded cage stories that you can push before you turn off the audience.


Bueno as usual takes the steller script and creates a dreamy but tortured landscape. Every image has depth and layering, in particular in this issue he uses the medium of glass to superimpose images and reflections to show people isolated (like Norah and Ryan) away from the core group. It’s a simple but perfect technique to illustrate character dynamics. He thinks nothing of changing the POV to underwater from panel to panel adding depth to every panel.


Another solid, but slow issue with the tension again rising as the cracks in the group show we’re about to come to a head over the next few issues. By far and away Bueno’s artwork again shines bright here by using window reflections to highlight feelings of isolation. The artwork is a perfect 10 with a strong 8 for the writing.

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