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Review – The Silver Coin #5

Review – The Silver Coin #5

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Writer:  Michael Walsh

Artist: Michael Walsh

Colourist: Michael Walsh

Letterer: Michael Walsh

Publisher: Image Comics

Anthology Created By: Chip Zdarsky, Michael Walsh, Ed Brisson, Jeff Lemire, and Kelly Thompson

Release Date: 11th August 2021

Variant Cover: Maya McKibbin

Review - The Silver Coin #5


For the fifth instalment of horror anthology THE SILVER COIN from MICHAEL WALSH, CHIP ZDARSKY, KELLY THOMPSON, ED BRISSON, and JEFF LEMIRE, the story reaches back to when the coin’s cruel curse was first minted. In a small New England village, a woman has been accused of witchcraft.

Michael Walsh

Walsh is running the show in this issue writing, drawing, colouring and even providing a nice little thank you at the end to the writers and readers so far.

Cotton Dudley the classical puritanical witch-hunter is on the trail of Rebekah Goode, a healer in a small New England town, to purge the town of evil. the problem is Rebekah actually is a witch able to commune with animals and ward off evil. Rebekah helps Martha with her goat Greta who has a small eye infection. But poor Martha begs her to ward off evil with a blood sigil and Rebekah complies.

Cotton tracks down Martha and offers her a Silver Coin in return for her friendship and call her a witch. Poor Martha succumbs to Cotton’s silver incentive and the town turns on Rebekah. Sentenced to hand she curses Martha’s coin with her last words. Back at home, we find that Rebekah’s curse is awake and hungry ..and it needs to feed.

Walsh shows that originally the coin was supposed to only wreak havoc on Martha and Cotton but once awakened it’s hard to turn off a curse and it now no longer cares who and why as long as it feeds.

This is a much more classic tale but helps how greed and evil helped create the coin.

Walsh’s use of colour and artwork suits the script perfectly as he weaves an effective moral tale that leads to the chaos of the previous issues.

Review - The Silver Coin #5

Overall thoughts

Overall this was a satisfying issue as well as wrapping up the five-issue anthology. It seems that the coin is still hungry and we have a whole host of new talent contributing to the next few issues. The simple yet effective story by Walsh puts a spin on the cursed coin with its birth as not some larger plot but a simple act of anger against a friend who betrayed.

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I hoped you’ve enjoyed my review of The Silver Coin Issue #5

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